L’biotica Biovax Volume Builder hair conditioners
L’biotica Biovax Volume Builder hair conditioners

L’biotica Biovax Volume Builder

Regenerating spray conditioner

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xL’biotica Biovax Volume Builder hair conditioners

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The L'biotica company deals with the production of highly effective dermocosmetics, whose quality and effectiveness allow discovering the charm and natural sensuality of every woman.
L'biotica has been operating on the market since 2005. During this time, L'biotica products have gained recognition and trust of consumers who appreciate above all the high quality, naturalness and effectiveness of L'biotica preparations.
The production of L'biotica dermocosmetics takes place in specialized laboratories, and their operation is confirmed by professional dermatological tests. The extremely carefully selected ingredients of L'biotica cosmetic preparations come from the European Union.
With L'biotica dermocosmetics you can be sure that your skin will really get everything it needs to stay healthy and beautiful.

L'biotica biovax volume builder without rinsing conditioner is a simple and quick way to regenerate hair, it also has many other advantages.


How to use:>
Spray on damp or dry hair and do not rinse.

Scalp type - all types of scalp
Hair Type - thin hair, damaged hair
Effect - Gloss and softness, Thermal protection, regeneration
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Amazing perfum. Reminds me Dior Sauvage elixir. Absolutely recommend this one.


I’ve been using this cat walk curls, mousse for years, and I can’t find it anywhere. If someone knows anywhere to buy it, please let me know. Thank you.


Très très bon produit, mais très rare à trouvé, pourtant, il y' en avait, dans tout les magasin et en ligne, dommage, parceque sa marché bien pour gel crème axe coiffure, dommage !


It's a amazing produc So good fragrance