Dior J'adore women's perfumes
Dior J'adore women's perfumes
Dior J'adore women's perfumes
Dior J'adore women's perfumes
Dior J'adore women's perfumes

Dior J'adore

Eau de parfum for women

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xDior J'adore women's perfumes

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The fragrance is extremely elegant, charming, one of the most durable I wear, it stays on my clothes for a few days. It combines some contradictions. It is extremely intense and expressive in its essence, yet subtle and unobtrusive. Definitely delicate, powdery, floral. The sweet notes it contains only enhance the scent of flowers. Very characteristic, it cannot be mistaken for anything else. He leaves a long tail behind him. The fragrance is very safe even to buy in the dark, hardly anyone likes it. In my opinion, unique, it has been with me for several years and will remain for a long time.

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The most beautiful fragrance I've ever felt. I fell in love with this perfume. This wonderful fragrance is very elegant, suitable for both day and evening. For me it's ideal, love at first sight. It is a very long-lasting fragrance packed in a beautiful, tasteful bottle. It is a mix of a huge bouquet of flowers and fruits, sprinkled with a pinch of vanilla and musk. Wonderful!!!


Very sensual and tempting scent with an intense fragrance of tuberose. It is unusual and very durable. I could use it every day, but I leave it for special circumstances :)


One of my favorite fragrances. It is extremely feminine, subtle and very elegant. I do not use it every day only for special occasions, then I feel more confident and elegant. The bottle has its own charm, it suits the fragrance very well.


One of the many classics that does not disappear from the list of gifts for mom;) The most noticeable jasmine in the whole way of developing the fragrance, gives the whole combination of aromas an originality that you will not find in other perfumes. The uniqueness of the composition does not allow you to find a replacement, although we tried more than once;).


A classic among fragrances. I think most women have had contact with this fragrance. The aroma is given by the attractive plum note, complemented by the aroma of mandarin peels and wine. It works in an elegant office but also as an evening fragrance. I highly recommend!


A very elegant fragrance, which was created about 20 years ago and is still on top. This is my fourth bottle that tempts me constantly and I always have to have it in my cupboard. When I use it I feel very feminine and attractive. It is incredibly durable and its golden, luxurious bottle attracts attention. The fruity-floral composition is perfect for a special occasion, because they last long. Worth the money :)


It's my mother's scent. But over the years, I suspect that it will become my number one. It has something very appealing. It is feminine, elegant, but at the same time original. It hides a certain maturity, but also freedom. A beautiful floral-fruity bouquet that blooms on the skin for a very long time. And the phenomenal and timeless packaging. Gold and glass is a beautiful casket for this female fragrance.


A beautiful classic among fragrances. Permanent, characteristic and powdery fragrance. A wonderful bottle that looks luxurious on the dresser. A fragrance worth the price, I recommend it for a determined, elegant woman of all ages!


Sensual, elegant, feminine ... that's how I would describe this beautiful composition from Dior. The bottle itself captivated me with an extremely interesting design. The smell is absolutely persistent, it can be felt on my skin until the very evening.


The bottle looks very exclusive and tempting. Gold, wealth, brightness, elegance - these words will describe the fragrance from Dior. I include this fragrance in the composition of intact floral and fruit, it is not a cluster of sweets and sugary fruit, but a breath of freshness and a fantastic magnolia mist that always soothes my soul. Fantastic scent for warm, summer evenings and every day for a white shirt.


Dior perfumes dior cosmetics - a timeless symbol of elegance, perfection and luxury. The famous designer christian dior founded this one of the most exclusive french luxury brands in 1946. Today's portfolio of this brand also includes prestigious fashion, leather goods, accessories, footwear, jewelry, watches, perfumes and cosmetics.
Christian dior was born in the early twentieth century in the family of a fertilizer dealer. Before he became one of the world's most influential fashion designers before his death in 1957, he studied international relations and diplomacy, and earned a living as a gallery owner. After the war, he founded his first fashion house in paris and quickly became famous because of the revolution he made in women's fashion (the legendary "new look"). He gradually developed his activities in over 15 countries around the world. Despite the premature death of its founder, christian dior (he died of a heart attack at the age of only fifty-two), the dior brand remains to this day a synonym of classic elegance, emphasizing femininity and beauty.
Dior entered the world of fragrances in 1947, presenting perfumes miss dior, named after christian's sister catherine. Soon, the extremely popular chypre-floral fragrance revolutionized the world of perfumes. Today, the brand has over 150 fragrances, whose creation was attended by a huge number of the most famous perfume creators.
The most famous fragrance compositions include the intoxicating, mysterious and revolutionary christian dior poison collection. The 1985 poison dior for women perfume has become a true legend thanks to the unique combination of spicy, fruity and woody fragrances. The fahrenheit men's collection is also extremely popular. The first perfume in this series - fahrenheit dior for men from 1988 - is a woody-floral-musky fragrance, and the latest perfume - fahrenheit le parfum dior for men (2014) - is the most intense variant of the characteristic harmony of contrasts.
Za dior's skin care products stand for christian dior's desire to make women more beautiful but also happier. That is why they always have a double effect. Immediately after application, they make the skin more beautiful, and with systematic care, the active substances penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, providing a spectacular and long-lasting effect. Each of the products from a wide range of creams, masks and serums with various effects provides nourishing, modeling or strengthening care as well as the effect of perfect skin cleansing and guarantees the highest quality, phenomenal results and luxury. Dior does not forget about caring for men's skin.
The dior brand has a unique ethnobotanical approach. Scientists employed for decades have been choosing flowers with valuable properties, growing them and extracting natural ingredients with exceptional cosmetic potential from them. Dior also uses its own, unique, labor-intensive, and even pedantic, manual technology and cooperates with leading specialists who, using the latest scientific discoveries, meet the assumptions of the brand's philosophy: provide skin with beauty and youth in the most lasting way possible, and thus make women more beautiful today and future.
In the field of color cosmetics, dior offers a wide selection of the best products for perfect makeup. They are created in the hands of famous stylists, professional make-up artists and artists creating amazing color compositions in the backstage of fashion shows and always reflecting the latest trends, are characterized by long-lasting quality and guarantee highlighting the advantages of beauty.
From cosmetics inspired by catwalks to the best skin care products, to a timeless perfume, christian dior, loved not only by celebrities and stars, has enriched the world of beauty with many luxurious, trend-setting and modern products. Dior, one of the most stylish and recognized brands, means a magical combination of the world of fashion and cosmetology.
"i create every woman to be the most beautiful." (christian dior)

Let yourself be carried away by this intoxicating and subtle composition. Flowers from around the world have combined their aromas to create the women's eau de parfum dior j'adore, which blooms with an unexplored fragrance. Perfumes refined to the last detail are as perfect as the most beautiful, fresh bouquet. Discover the tempting combination of damask rose with delicate jasmine and exotic ylang-ylang flowers.

Aroma composition
The fragrance will enchant you with juicy tangerine and sweet peach at first. Then come the damask rose from Bulgaria and Turkey, white jasmine flowers from France and fresh ylang-ylang flowers from Comoros. The notes of depth sound with expressive cedar, musk and oriental vanilla.

Fragrance history
The iconic fragrance of Dior J'adore won the hearts of women in 1999 thanks to the unique recipe of the Calice Becker perfumery. Its elegant character is also expressed in the design of the bottle with perfectly shaped curves, referring to Greek art.

Heart - tuberose, rose, lily of the valley, jasmine, plum, orchid, violet, freesia
Head - melon, pear, bergamot, mandarin, magnolia, peach
Base - Musk, Vanilla, Cedar, Blackberry
Fragrance groups - fruity, floral
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How i can found this I. Jordan


It's one of my favourite perfumes, however I wish the fragrance were stronger, I like perfumes to smell stronger, to be perceived from a meter distance. This one keeps close the skin, you can only sense it if you get close to the skin. Other than that, I'm fully happy with this perfume, it smells very good, I wear it all the time :)