Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori women's perfumes
Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori women's perfumes
Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori women's perfumes
Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori women's perfumes
Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori women's perfumes

Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori

Eau de toilette for women

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xGucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori women's perfumes

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The fragrance is rarely assessed and it's a shame because it's beautiful. Each of the Bloom fragrances is a different story. If you want to feel like in a garden full of intoxicating flowers heated by the sun, choose Gucci bloom. And if you want to feel like swimming in a cool pond, seasoned with flowers and lush grass after a summer rain, take Gucci bloom Acqua di fiori. The most beautiful note of grass and flowers I have known for years. All fragrances from the Bloom line worth knowing. Feminine and beautiful. Innovative bottles because made of porcelain. Wonder. The Gucci brand showed class. Collections of clothes and accessories were created for fragrances. Once again, I recommend, because the fragrance is worth exploring. :) Perfumery for a medal :))

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My favorite fragrance. If you love flowers it's definitely worth trying, the fragrances from the bloom line. The fragrance Aqua di fiori remains floral, but with an intriguing note, an unexpected and large depth that keep it a bit far from the traditional flowery climate. Packed in a beautiful classic bottle I recommend.


My favorite fragrance. If you love flowers, it's definitely worth trying, the fragrances from the bloom line. The fragrance of Aqua di fiori remains classically floral, but with an intriguing note of such a great depth and unexpected notes that keep it away, traditional flowery climate. Packed in a beautiful classic bottle. I recommend.


The bottle looks amazing! Seems so simple, but it looks so amazing on the shelf! A beautiful, feminine, floral fragrance. Indescribably, just to try, I highly recommend it!


Feel the heritage of Italian perfumery throughout the Bloom line. This version, however, differs the most from the other "sisters". Here, heavier, balsamic notes are broken with freshness associated with cut grass. The smell reminds of a sun-glade on a lazy summer day. Smelling this work reminds me of a holiday in a summer house away from the city and worries. The smell affecting the imagination is rare.


The smell is nice but unfortunately it didn't last, I can feel it up to an hour.


Gucci Eau de Toilette is beautiful and the packaging is delightful. Thank you very much for a moment of admiration.




A beautiful fragrance, though not lasting. If someone once used Gucci Envy (the old one, in an ascetic, simple bottle) it will be like a return to the past. Warm, soft but not overwhelming. In the first seconds it smells like freshly cut grass. A pretty bottle. It's a pity it's so fleeting. Well, it's EDT after all. Ad hit, that's how I imagined it :) Delivery from store for 6 - lightning :)


The smell resembles a cut flower stalk, very floral spicy, a bit fir-like


The smell is beautiful, unfortunately it doesn't last long :(


Progressive, innovative and giving direction - the gucci brand has been creating the fashion world for almost a hundred years. Its modern and eclectic products are proof of the outstanding italian craftsmanship and are unbeatable in quality and attention to detail.

The inconspicuous Guccio Gucci started the brand by establishing a leather workshop in 1921. At that time, he did not even dream of giving the name to a fashion legend that would one day conquer the world.

Today, the Gucci brand shines not only on catwalks for models, it has expanded its collections to include other accessories, as well as cosmetics and perfumes. The most interesting are undoubtedly the aromatic fragrance for men Gucci Guilty or the romantic floral fragrance for women Gucci Bloom.

According to the vision of the current creative director, which is Alessandro Michele, the brand Gucci has redefined the luxury of the 21st century and strengthened its position as one of the most desirable fashion houses in the world.

Dare to enter the secret garden where each flower is decorated with a fresh drop of pure dew. The gucci bloom acqua di fiori eau de toilette caresses your senses with a fragrance based on floral notes and sunny chords, transporting you to a flourishing garden. The toilet water is enclosed in a beautifully decorated bottle, which is as romantic as the composition itself.

Fragrance composition
The fragrance opens with a radiant combination of green galbanum leaves and blackcurrant buds. The heart of the composition exudes a seductive jasmine, original accords of tuberose and Chinese honeysuckle with small, pink flowers. The whole is based on the sensuality of musk and warm sandalwood, thanks to which the water makes an extremely feminine and attractive impression.

Fragrance history
Gucci Bloom Acqua di Fiori is another result of the collaboration of the director of the creative fashion house Gucci Alessandra Michele with the legendary perfumer of world renown, which is Alberto Morillas. The fragrance, like Bloom Eau de Parfum, is inspired by the love of flowers that embody feminine strength, beauty and unity. This fresher and lighter interpretation of the Gucci Bloom perfume debuted on the market in 2018.

Heart - Chinese honeysuckle, tuberose, jasmine
Head - galbanum, blackcurrant flower
Base - musk, sandalwood
Fragrance groups - floral, green
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My favourite parfume. I am allergic to most parfums but this one is nice.


I did not find it in any branch in the field to know where to find it, and if it is not available when it will be available


best candle in the entire world. I have never smelled something so luxurious and amazing. 100000/10. absolutely bomb af. will be repurchasing but I cannot find it online ANYWHERE. love love looove this.