Rexona Quantum body
Rexona Quantum body
Rexona Quantum body

Rexona Quantum

2 in 1 shower gel and shampoo

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xRexona Quantum body

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The best smell. The fragrance stays on the skin well, it does not overdry it and does not need to be applied a lot, i.e. it lasts a long time. Certainly these are not my last purchases.

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I like 2-in-1 products, saving time and space;) - a nice refreshing fragrance. recommend


I use it since it appeared, I liked this fragrance the most. It's nice as if they released an antiperspirant from the same line. :)


Excellent!!! I love Rexony products all.


The best smell. The fragrance stays on the skin well, it does not overdry it and does not need to be applied a lot, i.e. it lasts a long time. Certainly these are not my last purchases.


Of all tried Rexon shower gels, this fragrance suits me best. Fresh, nice and pleasant. I would recommend.


Rexona is a good brand. The 2in1 product is very convenient because I do not have to pack 2 products in the suitcase :) I recommend


The smell is fine. I suggest this product for an older man. It is durable and highly moisturizing.


A refreshing, nice smell and stays on the skin for quite a long time (for a shower gel). I am waiting for an antiperspirant from this series :)


Usually, after 2in1 inventions (body hair) I have dandruff, and here a nice surprise - refreshed body, hair and zero dandruff;)


I bought my husband who is allergic to most shower gels and is happy. The smell is nice, I recommend it.


Rexon cosmetics | rexona - protection against perspiration. Rexona is a brand owned by unilever, one of the largest producers of food and body care products and cleaning products in the world. Its products are among the best-selling in the world in the deodorant and antiperspirant category.
The patented motionsense technology means that rexona products are one step ahead of other products in the same category, as well as one step before sweating, which it protects against unpleasant symptoms. Rexona contains microcapsules that are gradually released on the surface of the skin. The more you move, the better it protects you, because the capsules burst when exposed to movement, releasing the smell.
Rexona offers a wide range of antiperspirants for women and men. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from stick, spray or ball antiperspirants. You can also choose from many scents and additional effects. The crystal clear series with a white trace formula or the dry series with 48-hour perspiration protection are very popular. Regardless of which rexon antiperspirant you choose, you can be sure that it was made to ensure freshness and dryness under the arms throughout the day.
Rexona is a guarantee of freshness throughout the day - even the toughest one.

Rexona quantum 2-in-1 shower gel and shampoo washes both body and hair quickly and efficiently.


How to use:
Apply to damp hair and the whole body skin, lightly lather, massage, and then thoroughly wash. Suitable for everyday use.

Skin type - for all skin types
Scalp type - all types of scalp
Hair Type - all hair types
Consistency - gel
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The cream is very good, it spreads well and gives a good effect, it's great.


It has a beautiful smell, I am very pleased, I recommend it


A brilliant whole series. The hair has become more fluffy, it has more volume, I have no difficulty combing at all. The scent of the shampoo is very delicate and pleasant


I am very pleased


Very good cream, I'm still in shock with the results