Schmidt's Rose + Vanilla body
Schmidt's Rose + Vanilla body

Schmidt's Rose + Vanilla

Natural soap

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xSchmidt's Rose + Vanilla body

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I bought the soap out of curiosity, encouraged by the positive opinion of my friend. She's crazy about vegan cosmetics, and she just fell in love with this soap! Scent is great for me because I love rose. Overall, I'm actually happy. The soap, apart from a beautiful fragrance, cleanses the skin well thanks to the vanilla pod peeling. The skin is additionally moisturized. After a few uses, I can already see the difference between using ordinary soap and Schmidt's. The soap will stay with me for longer!

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a scent of smell


A wonderful aroma of rose and vanilla. A fantastic foam when washing. Soaps irritate my sensitive skin only gently cleanses and moisturizes ... most importantly, it is a natural soap without parabens, etc.


A beautiful rose fragrance that I love. The soap foams fantastically. After using this soap, my skin is cleansed but not dry.


FANTASTIC SOAP. Perfect for my paraben-sensitive skin. Perfectly cleanses and does not dry the skin.


Schmidt's Rose Vanilla- is a natural soap intended for everyday use. It is quite large for this very efficient. It's great money. It makes my sensitive skin smooth and without irritation. I would recommend!


I have been using the soap for several days. I wash my face and my body with it. Cleans very well! The face is smooth and moisturized. I no longer have to use the tonic for washing.


Schmidt's Rose Vanilla natural soap is a cosmetic worth recommending. It foams great and cleanses the skin well. I also recommend this brand's deodorant.


I have troublesome and sensitive skin, so I did not quite believe in the power of this soap, because everything sensitizes me. However I was wrong. The soap wonderfully moisturizes without having to use a moisturizer. I will definitely buy again :).


Schmidt's soap is a great alternative to cosmetics overloaded with chemistry. A completely vegan product with a neutral PH, it washes my body wonderfully. The set deodorant stick with the same beautiful rose aroma.


Natural soap from Schmidt's is a sensational novelty. Perfectly moisturizes, oils and nourishes. I love this rose fragrance!


Is a healthy lifestyle your priority? therefore, pay attention to the cosmetics you use and reach for those that are not only effective, but also based on natural ingredients. Discover high-quality schmidt’s care products full of vegetable and mineral ingredients.

Movement Maker Movement inspired American Jamie Schmidt in 2010, who began looking for a way to create her own natural antiperspirant. She wanted to get an effective product with a beautiful fragrance and universal application for the whole family. She achieved success, and five years later her project caught the attention of entrepreneur Michael Cammarata. Together, they have created the world-famous brand of natural cosmetics.

The iconic Schmidt’s antiperspirant is now available not only in stick and ball, but also in glass packaging. In addition to natural and pure ingredients suitable for vegans, the brand's trademark are charming fragrances. The product range is still growing, and in addition to Schmidt’s antiperspirants, you'll also find toothpaste or bar soap.

Clean, moisturized and beautifully fragrant skin will be provided by schmidt’s rose vanilla natural soap bar. Manufactured in a traditional way based on plants with the addition of vanilla peeling, it will thoroughly cleanse the skin of any impurities.

The rich foam smelling of roses and vanilla will spoil your senses and leave your skin with an elegant fragrance, providing it with velvety smoothness for a long time .



How to use:
Moistened Apply the soap to the skin and gently massage to create foam. Rinse with lukewarm water.

Skin type - for all skin types
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Absolutely love this product. I have very sensitive skin, but I have not experienced any break outs. It smooths, lightens and covers my blemishes. Love, love, love it :-)



I really want to like it, however,it makes my skin feel weird. Like it cant breathe and feels dry. Also, it starts to get little tiny clumpy balls on my face. I cant buy this product again.