Nivea Urban Skin Detox facial skin care
Nivea Urban Skin Detox facial skin care
Nivea Urban Skin Detox facial skin care

Nivea Urban Skin Detox

Cleansing and detoxifying activated carbon mask

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xNivea Urban Skin Detox facial skin care

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A friend recommended me a Nivea mask and after the first use I didn't regret buying it! :) The product perfectly cleanses the skin, after applying the skin is matte, smooth, slightly tight. What makes me happy about this mask is that it doesn't dry the skin, but on the contrary, smoothes the face and doesn't emphasize the cuticles. As for me, shot in 10!

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The mask deeply cleanses, brightens and refreshes the skin, giving my skin a generally beautiful appearance. recommend


The skin after application is soothed, rested and brightened, the tarpaulin is well saturated. definitely recommend it


I tried the mask because I like the handsome price and the Nivea brand. The sheet is soaked just in time and pleasant to warm up in a few minutes. The effect of rested complexion is visible to me.


The mask warms up nicely. My face is refreshed and rested after application. I love NIVEA products. recommend


Effective cleansing mask. My skin is perfectly clean and fresh. I use it and other masks from this series in combination with nivea creams. Nivea is my number 1.


This mask perfectly cleanses the skin and additionally moisturizes it. My face looks fresh. Because its application is so simple, it is used 2 times sometimes 3 times in a week.


Perfect mask. Its use is very simple and does not take much time to impose. Effects visible immediately. After its application, the skin is cleansed and brightened. My number 1.


Overall satisfactory effect. light and simple application. After that, the face is perfectly cleansed and smoothed. It smells quite nice and leaves the skin silky soft.


the product was undoubtedly useful for the morning when I am sleepy and tired after a night shift. Refreshed, refreshed. He gave the skin glow. A nice alternative to micellar fluid. 15 minutes and it's ready.


Fresh and pleasant - these are my first feelings. I am faithful to the NIVEA brand. Buying in the dark but it was worth it. Delicate and nice skin in the touch.


The globally known brand nivea was founded in germany in 1911. Its founder was the visionary and pharmacist dr. Oscar troplowitz, who managed to combine oil and water to obtain a stable cream. The brand name refers to the white color of the product and comes from the latin word for snow. This is how the legendary nivea cream was created.

In 1925 the product obtained a new, iconic, blue packaging, however, to this day it is produced according to the original recipe. The classic Nivea cream has become the basis of care for future generations. It effectively nourishes the skin, and thanks to the velvety smooth texture and specific smell it is a beautiful memory of childhood for many people.

Today the Nivea brand range already includes a range of high-quality care products available to everyone. A group of supporters won the Nivea sun cream and the Nivea Men cosmetics line. Nivea, taking care of the skin of the whole body for over 100 years, has become a permanent part of the everyday lives of many millions of families around the world.

The nivea urban skin detox face mask is a care and at the same time a real caress for your skin.


How to use:
Carefully remove the mask from the packaging and apply on a clean face. Leave for as long as stated on the packaging. Then wash the mask thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Skin type - for all skin types
Effect - detoxification, purification, matting
How to use - for day
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