JOOP! Femme woody perfumes
JOOP! Femme woody perfumes
JOOP! Femme woody perfumes
JOOP! Femme woody perfumes
JOOP! Femme woody perfumes

JOOP! Femme

Eau de toilette for women

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xJOOP! Femme woody perfumes

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I don't have the scent myself, but my aunt has been using it for years. A beautiful, sensual and characteristic fragrance, with a claw for confident women. Very very durable. Certainly winter, but I love stranglers, so summer is not a bad season for me to wrap myself up with a drop of this madness;) Certainly it is not a perfume for everyone. But lovers of strong, specific sweet and oriental scents will certainly not be disappointed. I'm thinking about buying at least 30 ml for myself. I honestly recommend buying from .... I bought .... I was not disappointed. Permanent smell, brilliant service, instant delivery. Greetings to all fragrances and fragrances :)

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I like them and they are quite good quality compared to others that I bought here


This perfume was a big surprise to me. When I sniffed them for the first time in your drugstore, I was shocked. This perfume is literally the perfect replacement for Chanel N5. They have practically the same composition. If you like Chanel then you can buy them for a much lower price :)


I am very happy with this purchase. Strong original fragrance. It lasts a long time. recommend


not my smell but generally ok


I ordered this water based on reviews. Nightmare. A fragrance for women over 70. I can't even write that it smells bad because it just smells. I am disappointed. I'm 34 years old. Maybe in my old age my taste will change. The only thing is durability. I can't wash the smell off myself. I recommend shopping on store because everything is efficient and fast.


Similar to Gloria Vanderbilt, quite strong, not kilers. This is not Jungle Elephant Kenzo. They are not candy, you can smell incense, jasmine. A warm oily smell.


This fragrance has been with me for almost 28 years. Very durable and intriguing.


I bought this fragrance for the first time. In fact, I bought it through the perfume of my partner joop, I really like the men's version, although the women's one is overwhelming and not stifling. The smell is permanent


smell quite intense, I would say that even spicy, my son likes it, not my atmosphere, I use them for the evening, the smell changes after a few hours to more pleasant.


nice smell - I recommend it.


The iconic german brand joop! characterized by modernity and authenticity. It pulsates in the rhythm of world metropolises, and its products are addressed to all individualists, women and men, passionate about fashion and design. Joop perfumes! bring freshness to the world of fragrances, originality and uniqueness of their creator.

The founder of the brand Wolfgang Joop has always been a great lover of beauty and art. He studied psychology briefly, but his real passion became the fashion world and soon he managed to win the main prize in a prestigious designer competition. In 1978, he presented his first fashion collection to the world. He achieved international success thanks to it and since 1981 he has been creating under his own brand JOOP!

In general, the first swallow heralding the brand's character was JOOP! Femme with a hint of oriental flowers. Among the JOOP! for men a remarkable composition is distinguished by the fragrance JOOP! Homme. Let yourself be carried away by the pulsating energy of this unique perfume!

Joop! You will hear something similar from delighted men who you will pass by wrapped in this fragrance. Joop! Femme is a luxurious and sensual fragrance for women. Its floral-oriental aroma will emphasize your femininity and innate sex appeal.

This modern concept of femme women's perfume contains a combination of rose and jasmine, enhanced by the sensuality of sandalwood and cedar. Patchouli and vanilla add mystery and subtlety, while bergamot gives the fragrance a pinch of freshness.

Joop Eau de Toilette! Femme is energetic and seductive. It is an ideal choice for special occasions, an evening in a man's embrace or a time of romantic conquests. The fragrance, introduced to the market by German designer Wolfgang Joop in 1987, won the hearts of several generations of women. Will I also raise yours?

Heart - rose, lily of the valley, jasmine, orange blossom
Head - lemon, aldehydes, bergamot, fruity notes, coriander
Base - Musk, Vanilla, Amber, Cedar, Civet, Patchouli, Tonka Bean, Sandalwood, Moss
Fragrance groups - oriental, woody
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With this i got all my severe hair loss.This is very bad..😡😡😡i was having a miner loss but after using this i had sever that u people can't imagine. Even combing showering. Is getting worse due😡 to scared i dont combe now😭😭😭😭😭😭


Это лучшее средство!а запах бомба просто!!!


Great product. I have oily and thin hair (long bob). With this product I got 3 benefites: 1. After aplying Nivea styling primer, my hair is straight, without twisting at the ends. I am not styling my hair, just blow drying, and looks good. 2. I have more volume. 3. My hair is less greasy. Befor i washed my hair every second day, now it is every 3rd. This is great improvement for me :)


It was a blind purchase and the only thing that was good about it was that it was cheap. Absolutely indistinct scent for the age of 50+ which disappears after about 20 minutes. It has nothing to do with the word perfume, which is perhaps a good thing. I'm not even sure if I will use it as an air freshener, it really doesn't smell nice.


This does not even last half an hour.