Narciso Rodriguez Narciso woody perfumes
Narciso Rodriguez Narciso woody perfumes
Narciso Rodriguez Narciso woody perfumes
Narciso Rodriguez Narciso woody perfumes
Narciso Rodriguez Narciso woody perfumes

Narciso Rodriguez Narciso

Eau de parfum for women

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xNarciso Rodriguez Narciso woody perfumes

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I learned about the Narciso Rodriguez brand by accident, looking for a new fragrance for myself, tempted by very good opinions of other ladies, I decided to buy a sample of "Narciso", and when I used it, I fell in love with this fragrance, it was love from the first "sniffing", they are beautiful , amazing, I'd say the most beautiful fragrance I had (and I had a lot of different perfumes). They grow wonderfully on the skin, are a little niche, enveloping and very durable. I ordered a large bottle and I love them all the time. I hope that they will never disappear from the shelves in perfumeries, because this is definitely my NR.1. I would highly recommend.

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Ok, I recommend


This perfume for me is not it. in any case, my sister liked them very much, so I gave them to her as a gift.


Narciso Rodriguez - this fragrance is not my style, but I have to say that it has something that appeals to me, probably the combination of woody and fruit notes makes me want to feel it all the time, so I will give it a chance.


Simply beautiful, I found a new beloved perfume, with a woody note that gives sophistication to the whole, yet floral, full of femininity and lightness, with durability on the skin as good as on clothes. Cool for me!


I have been looking for the right musk scent for a long time and this one turned out to be a shot in 10 ... they are perfect


store as usual excellent. Beautiful aroma, beautiful packaging and perfect service (fast and polite). thank you very much


Nice fragrance, but unfortunately not long lasting, which is a shame. Perfume on 5 plus


Although I don't like woody perfumes, I am pleasantly surprised by this fragrance. I would say that it is similar to the light dior Jadore, not heavy, rather light in its own way, very special.


This is a unique and bold fragrance. I prefer to wear it in the evening because it exudes fresh elegance and sensuality. In my opinion, this sexy fragrance is rather for young girls, I personally inspire me with its composition and I highly recommend it.


I love this smell! It is uncomplicated but unique.


Narciso Rodriguez perfumes Narciso Rodriguez - American fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez is a graduate of the renowned Parson of Design designers school in New York, after graduating he worked with Calvin Klein. In 2002 he received the title of the best women's fashion designer. He collaborated with the Italian brand Aeffe, as well as Moschino and Pollini. Narciso Rodriguez combines the practicality and comfort of American fashion with the elegance and sophistication of a traditional European style. His clients include Salma Hayek and Rachel Weiss. Narciso Rodriguez introduced his first fragrance in 2003.

Discover a new way to distract a man. Narciso rodriguez narciso eau de parfum is made for this. She is inspired by the strength of the seductive side of the woman. Combined with modern elegance, perfumes have captured the senses.

Fragrance composition
The alchemy of attraction that this fragrance evokes is opened by cheerful and subtle accords of Bulgarian rose and gardenia on elegant and soothing notes of cedar in a perfume base. The warm notes of musk are responsible for the intensely sensual accent in the heart of the fragrance.

Fragrance history
The Narciso Rodriguez Narciso perfume bottle is both a work of art and an embodiment of eloquence and tact. The design is based on the simple shape of a cube in which beauty intertwines with the logic characteristic of designer Narcis Rodriguez.

Perfume packaging is a combination of a matte contrasting cap with a sparkling glass bottle with a black, simple logo. The light background embodies purity, simplicity and assertiveness.

Heart - musk
Head - Bulgarian rose, gardenia
Base - vetiver, cedar
Fragrance groups - floral, woody
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Čim sam ga isprobala, zavinuo mi je trepavice prema dolje. Kasnije sam primjetila da mi trepavice izgledaju kraće, no kad sam se približila ogledalu, vidjela sam da su odrezane. Da skratim priču, vaš proizvod mi je odrezao trepavice, i jako sam nesretna i ljuta zbog toga. Ne preporučam ovaj proizvod. Upozoravam sve koji su ga mislili kupiti!


Haven't been using it long but plan to use it long-term if I like the results I've been using it for about a month will let you know how it turns out.




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