Lancôme Hydra Zen Jelly Mask face care
Lancôme Hydra Zen Jelly Mask face care
Lancôme Hydra Zen Jelly Mask face care
Lancôme Hydra Zen Jelly Mask face care
Lancôme Hydra Zen Jelly Mask face care

Lancôme Hydra Zen Jelly Mask

Anti-stress face mask with moisturizing effect

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xLancôme Hydra Zen Jelly Mask face care

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I have a weakness for the entire Hydra Zen line, but this mask is my absolute favorite. Great for people who, like me, have a shift work and when they return home, their evening routine is limited to washing their faces. Jelly Mask, as the name suggests, has a delicate, slightly gel consistency, but is not sticky and does not leave marks on the pillow. It is true that the mask from the species leave for the night and wash the remains in the morning, but on my currently dry skin is absorbed almost completely. The koii relaxes incredibly (I suspect that rose water has merit here), the skin immediately seems more rested. The mask, however, is quite a characteristic, rose fragrance, which personally does not bother me, but not everyone can like. Does not clog.

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A moisturizing gel mask from Lancome, deeply hydrates the skin layers, the light formula perfectly prepares the skin for further care stages! The skin after using this mask is much more elastic!


If you like to relax while cleaning and caring for your skin, I recommend you Lancome Hydra-zen. A gel mask with a cool consistency that soothes and calms our skin perfectly. The red "butterfly" on the face suddenly disappears and my face becomes uniform. In addition, we feel incredible hydration and nutrition. The skin is smooth and supple. Nothing more nothing less :)


A moisturizing mask that makes the skin softer and more elastic. Restores skin comfort and deeply moisturizes it. It works great in everyday care, and regular use will make the skin beautifully nourished and the color will be even.


A soothing moisturizing face mask - this should be the full name of this product. Recently it works with me after sunbathing, my skin even drinks it. After application, the skin is firm, as if inflated with water. I really like this feeling :) I recommend for dry and dehydrated skin


A mask that works in extreme situations. After a hard day, it soothes the skin, deeply moisturizes and nourishes. Restores skin comfort that stress takes away. The tube is enough for a very long time. Maki is pleasant to use, smells nice and does not irritate the skin.


The perfect mask for dry skin. Intensively cools, deeply moisturizes, nourishes and absorbs quickly with proper dosage. We can use it at night, where we apply a larger layer and in the form of a cream-gel every day. I prefer the second one, but I leave it in the form of a mask for the whole night. It is enclosed in a tube, so it is easy to apply. My skin is silky smooth and delicate to the touch. It works, I feel that after using it my skin is younger and more beautiful :)


Rose extract fantastically soothes irritations. After a really exhausting day, when my skin needs strong hydration, I apply the mask on my face and after washing, I immediately notice that the skin has revived. Restores skin balance, beautifully smoothes and brightens. This mask is an ideal recipe for relaxing and soothing the skin, which is exposed after all to many harmful factors.


It moisturises well, after application gives a light cooling effect which is very relaxing and the smell is also very pleasant.


In my skin care I can't miss this mask. It calms down and I really feel that my skin is finally properly hydrated. After washing the mask, the skin is very soft and smooth. She also uses it often before makeup. Very efficient, great consistency. I love this product.


Facial care is my daily routine. Unfortunately, I don't always have time to put on a mask, wait, wash (often tedious). One day I met a mask from the Hydra Zen series. I could easily call it a mask for lazy people. Just make-up removal and put on a mask. Then the next day, simply wash off its remains. The cosmetic works very well on dehydrated, dry and in need of moisturizing skin. Is second to none!


The history of lancôme, a world-renowned brand of high-quality beauty cosmetics, is over 80 years old. Since the establishment of the brand in 1935, lancôme products have been distinguished by documented results and have a breath of french charm.

Already in the year of its establishment, the company launched the first fragrance that did not have to wait long for an enthusiastic reception. A year later, Lancôme face cream was developed, which thanks to its extraordinary properties is still an indispensable product in every woman's beautician. Lancôme preparations and perfumes are currently the best-selling products in their categories.

The Lancôme brand pays homage to women and helps them gain confidence. You also discover Lancôme cosmetics and fragrances - it has never been so easy to be yourself and feel great.

The lancôme hydra zen face mask is a care and at the same time a real caress for your skin.


How to use:
Apply a thin layer of the mask to a cleansed face, bypass the eye area. Leave for as long as stated on the packaging. Then wash the mask thoroughly with lukewarm water.

Skin type - for all skin types
Effect - anti-stress, nutrition
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Was my all time favorite. Hope it come back in the market


Feels wonderful on your face, very light, moisturizing, you don’t know you’re wearing it. Eavens out the complexion and is just fantastic for people with clear skin that just needs a bit of luminesence. 10/10


Good price for a good quality. But while opening the perfume bottle, the cap is squeaking loudly. Its the best to spray it max 2,3 times. Not more, not less


My favourite parfume. I am allergic to most parfums but this one is nice.