Elmex Sensitive Professional Gentle Whitening teeth whitening
Elmex Sensitive Professional Gentle Whitening teeth whitening

Elmex Sensitive Professional Gentle Whitening

Whitening paste for sensitive teeth

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xElmex Sensitive Professional Gentle Whitening teeth whitening

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Elmex cosmetics | elmex - for healthy, strong teeth. Elmex is a brand of oral care products that has been on the market since 1962 and belongs to the swiss company gaba international ag. Elmex toothpaste was the first to contain aminofluorides (amf), which remineralize enamel and increase its resistance to acids. High-quality elmex products, whose effectiveness has been scientifically proven, are developed in cooperation with specialists in the field of oral hygiene and dentistry. Individual elmex products complement each other and thus provide comprehensive dental care and protection. Mouthwash, sprays, toothbrushes, dental floss and pastes guarantee cleanliness and oral health when used regularly. These products protect against tooth decay, help in case of hypersensitivity of teeth, strengthen enamel, whiten and cause that we can boast of a beautiful, healthy smile throughout our lives. The elmex brand is chosen by those who require many years of experience and the highest quality.

Elmex sensitive professional gentle whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth guarantees that you will enjoy cold or hot drinks without any unpleasant sensations. Say goodbye to tooth sensitivity.


How to use:
Clean your teeth thoroughly for at least 2 minutes. Use at least twice a day.

Effect - whitewash
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