RoC Pro-Define dry skin care
RoC Pro-Define dry skin care
RoC Pro-Define dry skin care
RoC Pro-Define dry skin care
RoC Pro-Define dry skin care

RoC Pro-Define


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xRoC Pro-Define dry skin care

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Roc cosmetics | roc - science in beauty services. The roc facial skincare brand was founded in france in 1957. It was created especially for those women who suffer from various skin problems. It belongs to one of the first brands using retinol - an extremely effective ingredient in the fight against skin aging. In 1943, the pharmacist jean-charles lissarrague became the head of the parisian pharmacy rogé cavaillès specializing in dermatology. In the early 1950s, he created the first non-perfumed skin care formula for dermatologists. This is how the roc brand, whose name comes from the pharmacy rogé cavaillès, was created.
Jean-charles lissarrague is known as a true inventor and visionary of the cosmetics industry thanks to his efforts to combine beautiful appearance with pharmaceutical uncompromisingness. Using his pharmaceutical experience, he chose only ingredients for his products that had a positive effect on the skin and therefore provided women with cosmetic products that give real results. He remembered that every woman - especially those with problematic skin - dreams of looking and feeling beautiful.
The roc brand has been at the forefront of innovative cosmetic brands from the very beginning thanks to patented technologies, which include stabilized vitamin a (retinol), thpe (tetrahydroxypropyl ethylenediamine) or e-pulse ™. She also brought many innovative innovations in the field of solar protection. The latest discoveries of the roc brand include a revolutionary approach in the fight against skin aging - the use of biocurrent.
The ingredients used in the production of roc cosmetics are carefully selected according to two basic criteria - effectiveness and safety. This careful choice is aimed at preventing allergic reactions and providing the best for all skin types, including the most sensitive. The products are subject to detailed clinical tests conducted by scientists and dermatologists.
The roc brand is extremely committed to providing support for feminine beauty with the help of science and that the use of its products brings real benefits. Passion and attention to detail mean that cosmetics development is more than just technology. Roc stands for true art in cosmetics creation.

The roc pro-define face cream will give your face exactly the care it deserves every day.


How to use:
Apply in a circular motion on a clean face and neck and gently massage.

Skin type - normal, dry, wrinkles and mature skin
Effect - anti-age, nutrition, strengthening
Consistency - cream
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Great product. I have oily and thin hair (long bob). With this product I got 3 benefites: 1. After aplying Nivea styling primer, my hair is straight, without twisting at the ends. I am not styling my hair, just blow drying, and looks good. 2. I have more volume. 3. My hair is less greasy. Befor i washed my hair every second day, now it is every 3rd. This is great improvement for me :)


It was a blind purchase and the only thing that was good about it was that it was cheap. Absolutely indistinct scent for the age of 50+ which disappears after about 20 minutes. It has nothing to do with the word perfume, which is perhaps a good thing. I'm not even sure if I will use it as an air freshener, it really doesn't smell nice.


This does not even last half an hour.


I love, love this fragrance! I had a perfume with this scent and brings back memories! Thank you.


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