Country Candle Cotton Fresh aromatherapy
Country Candle Cotton Fresh aromatherapy

Country Candle Cotton Fresh

Scented wax

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xCountry Candle Cotton Fresh aromatherapy

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Fill your home with the scent of unusual country candle candles! country candles are produced in limited quantities in a small family manufacture in the british village of wiltshire. Country candle owe their popularity above all to their characteristic scents and high quality.
They are available in glass and tin containers, and thanks to their romantic design they create a beautiful decoration. Original country candles will also work great as a gift for a loved one. You can choose from floral, spicy, refreshing and luxurious fragrances. It all depends on your mood.
The country candle assortment includes not only candles, but also waxes for aromatic lamps, fragrance diffusers and car fresheners. Treat yourself to a unique fragrance experience with fragrant country candle products!

Wax for the aromatic lamp country candle cotton fresh is, next to scented candles, a great alternative to spreading the smell in the room. By dissolving it in an aromatic lamp, you will get the maximum aroma effect and simply create your own aroma tailored to your imagination and mood.


How to use:
Never leave it dissolving unattended wax and near flammable objects. Do not leave the product within the reach of children or pets. Follow the instructions provided.

Heart - lily of the valley, white flowers, jasmine, orange blossom, water flower
Head - Bergamot, cotton, green note
Base - powdery notes, woody notes, iris root, violet
Applying wax - for an aromatic lamp
The character of a home fragrance - clean, fresh
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