Revolution PRO Foundation Drops foundation
Revolution PRO Foundation Drops foundation
Revolution PRO Foundation Drops foundation
Revolution PRO Foundation Drops foundation
Revolution PRO Foundation Drops foundation

Revolution PRO Foundation Drops

Liquid foundation with a pipette

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xRevolution PRO Foundation Drops foundation

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I don't like changing foundations, because my skin is very demanding and I have been faithful to one for a long time. However, tempted by the opinion of a friend, I purchased Revolution PRO Foundation Drops. It was a great decision because it does not differ in quality from the foundation I have used so far, and is 10 times cheaper !! Buzia looks beautiful, does not shine, and the foundation does not dry the skin. I recommend this product without hesitation :))

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The foundation is very watery, quickly freezes and works on many skin types. The pipette is a very hygienic applicator which can be used to dispense the amount of product. It is a pity that the bottle has such a small capacity, because the product is really pleasant and easy to use, moisturizes the skin, decently conceals, unfortunately rubs off during the day.


Quick-setting foundation with a flowing consistency. It looks best when applied with a sponge. The coverage it offers is good, unfortunately it is hard to build. Rather every day than for larger outings.


Mega coverage foundation, but not heavy ... Easy to apply, stays on the face all day. It's best to apply with a brush, then there is such a satin finish, szszsz :)


Very nice, light foundation. Medium coverage with the possibility of building, but for me one thin layer and the skin looks uniform. Very efficient. A few drops are enough to cover the whole face. A big plus for the color range. With me I can withstand all day without complaint.


Foundation Drops is a nice foundation, medium coverage, gives a natural effect. Plus for a large range of colors, at first I didn't even know what shade to choose. Pretty cool and long on the face. Convenient application and despite the size - quite efficient.


I have a light complexion and this foundation matched perfectly. It spreads great, the skin doesn't shine


The foundation blends perfectly with my skin, leaves no streaks and brightens it well


The foundation from the Revolution PRO series is really great. The consistency is very fluid, it seems light but it covers well, you can't feel it on your face, colors suited to everyone. I already have 2 packaging and I will definitely order one more :)


Apply the foundation with a brush from the same company, designed for this foundation, i.e. foundation in drops. Great quality product, smells good, lasts a long time. I am satisfied and recommend testing it.


I have several shades of this foundation, they can be freely mixed together to get the right color. The pipette is very convenient, dispensing the right amount of product. It covers and evens skin tone nicely. Nice product at a low price

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Make-up revolution pro foundation drops will even your skin tone and cover any minor imperfections.


How to use:
Apply make-up to your face with gentle strokes . Using your fingers or a sponge or brush, spread evenly and thoroughly.

Skin type - for all skin types
Effect - correction
According to mating - Medium
Sun protection - without SPF
Consistency - fluid
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