La Mer Sun body
La Mer Sun body

La Mer Sun

Spf 50 moisturizing and protective fluid

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Cosmetics la mer is a series of products for intensive care of the face and body skin using noteworthy ingredients. Smooth, soft and firm skin is the result of la mer cosmetics that soothe and nourish the skin, helping it restore natural regeneration processes.
The la mer brand was created by accident. Nasa's physicist and employee max huber suffered from very serious facial burns as a result of routine experiments. He survived the accident, but he could not accept the disfigured face. He was looking for something that at least partially renews the skin, smoothes it and reduces scars. Neither science nor medicine offered any effective solution forty years ago when the accident happened. Max huber decided to find help for himself. After 12 years of research and about 6,000 cosmetic tests, he created the preparation crème de la mer, which visibly smoothed the skin and supported its functions. The secret cream sample has been successful all over the world.
Max huber and the la mer brand have become pioneers in the use of seaweed in facial cosmetics. By mastering the biofermentation process, miracle broth ™ was created - an elixir using the power of the sea, which became the focal point of the crème de la mer product. The la mer brand joined estée lauder companies in 1995 and is still among the most exclusive and effective. It has not been selling only a basic cream for a long time, but it has a very wide offer.
The most popular is the la mer cleansers face cleansing gel, which also comes in the form of foam. The exclusive la mer body lip balm regenerates even heavily damaged lip skin. Under the name la mer blanc you will find anti-aging skin lightening serum and anti-discoloration serum. La mer moisturizers moisturizing anti-wrinkle cream incredibly renews and firms the skin. However, la mer serums lifting serum will deal with deep wrinkles. You may also be interested in a moisturizing face mask, fluid foundation, a delicate facial scrub or tonic for oily skin or an intensive eye cream. The la mer product range includes a huge amount of products for all skin types, according to its current condition.
La mer cosmetics are maximum luxury and effectiveness, and their price corresponds. Despite the high prices, the la mer brand is popular all over the world. An innovative approach and the highest quality guarantee perfect results.

La mer sun will provide reliable face protection against solar radiation.


How to use:
Apply to clean face skin before staying in the sun.

Skin type - for all skin types
Protective factor - high protection (SPF 30 - SPF 50)
Consistency - fluid
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my year-round fragrance :)


My boyfriend's favorite! I love it too


The balm regenerates and intensively moisturizes the skin. I like to use it at night because it has a greasy texture. It eliminates dry places and itchy skin which is the most important for me. It works instantly, the skin is nourished after use. It is odorless.


Great disappointment. The hair was even more frizzy after this shampoo. I do not recommend.


A very good shampoo. Gentle to the hair, moisturizes, is very efficient and has a pleasant smell.