Yves Saint Laurent Libre women's perfumes
Yves Saint Laurent Libre women's perfumes
Yves Saint Laurent Libre women's perfumes
Yves Saint Laurent Libre women's perfumes
Yves Saint Laurent Libre women's perfumes

Yves Saint Laurent Libre

Eau de parfum for women

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xYves Saint Laurent Libre women's perfumes

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Just look at the bottle itself. Already at the beginning we are seduced by a beautiful, very simple but elegant bottle. The cashier's logo wrapping around a gold-colored bottle, a cut black stopper symbolizing one of Mr. YSL's most famous dresses, and this beautiful shiny chain on the neck of the fragrance. Everything selected with appropriate attention to every detail. Libre is a perfumed water. Scent notes are mandarin, lavender, blackcurrant, jasmine, orange blossom, cedar, amber, musk, vanilla. The perfumes are strong, expressive, with a claw, which is what I like the most. I love how the smell evolves hour by hour. It is so multidimensional and deep that I have the impression that perfumes are completely different just after use, after two hours, and still different in the evening. I associate Libre with luxury, beauty and wealth, using them, we will no doubt feel like real ladies.

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Great, face odor


beautiful, very persistent, floral fragrance, wonderfully selected ingredients, with a slight fruity note, it spreads nicely in the passage of time, it is not tiring, I can write only positive things, it's just worth buying, I bought it blindly and I don't regret it, I recommend it very much , perfumery as usual for six, thank you


The fragrance is beautiful and very elegant


A beautiful, elegant fragrance that adds confidence. it is elegant, but not exaggerated, it is not typical sweet pink sweetness. The perceptible notes of lavender, jasmine and black currant remain for a very long time both on the skin and clothes (however, I have the impression that the clothes smell longer in themselves, even after a few days of use) The subtle packaging is a preview of what you can expect in the content Bottle. I highly recommend, both every day and more intimate outings;)


As soon as I saw this beautiful, elegant bottle, I knew that I had to know its contents. The fragrance is multidimensional and luxurious. It starts with a slightly fruity, fresh note of tangerine. After a moment, lavender joins her. Lavender in perfumes haven't seen it yet so it's amazing. Just a miracle !!!


A fragrance that shows I'm independent and free. Smelling it feels strong and beautiful. You can feel it all day on your skin is amazing. I bought blind but I don't regret it, it's currently my top 1.


Seductive fragrance from Yves Saint laurent, which I almost always want! It is so different, so attractive ... perhaps due to the composition of oils, including bitter orange, which gives dryness, the combination of jasmine and cedar wood enhances the elegance of the fragrance. Perfumes that I definitely need to have in my dressing table


A beautiful fruity-floral fragrance. The very appearance of the bottle impresses. Despite the floral notes, the smell is intense and I sense sweetness on my skin. Libre perfume makes me full of positive energy and I feel very feminine. The most noticeable notes for me are blackcurrant, lavender and bitter orange oil. I use it for the day and for special occasions. I love this fragrance and I will definitely buy another bottle.


A fragrance that defines freedom and strength. Amazing aroma of lavender - completely unusual for women's fragrances, beautifully harmonizes with orange blossom and delicate notes of blackcurrant and jasmine. The fragrance, although strongly floral, is very intense. It stays on the skin for a long time, even after a full day it is still noticeable. Perfumes are enclosed in a stylish bottle, with accents of black and gold.


A fragrance different from all others, definitely standing out from the whole collection of Yves Saint Laurent fragrances. It's the smell of an independent woman. Perfumes would be nothing special if it wasn't for their main note, i.e. lavender, which is not so much noticeable in the accompaniment of citruses, sweet vanilla and flowers, but it gives this fragrance uniqueness. The fragrance is multidimensional, luxurious and adds class and femininity. Everything is thought out here - from ingredients to a beautiful bottle. Phenomenal durability.


The yves saint laurent brand is a symbol of uniqueness, creativity and luxury, both in the field of fashion and in the world of cosmetics and perfumes.

Yves Saint Laurent was one of the most influential and recognized fashion designers of the 20th century. During his more than 40 years of career, he shaped and changed fashion trends, believing that beauty is an absolute expression of character.

At the age of 25, Yves Saint Laurent took over the management of the Dior fashion house, thus he became the youngest in history artistic director in the world of haute couture. He presented his own brand to the world in 1961.

Exclusive cosmetics, makeup products and original Yves Saint Laurent perfumes are an inseparable part of this famous brand. Let yourself be dazzled by the unique composition of Black Opium or feel the delicate brush on your face with preparations from the Touche Éclat collection.

Enjoy the luxury of the best products, many of which have deservedly become real icons. Yves Saint Laurent - when beauty becomes a gesture.

Freedom is tempting and you know how to get it. Let the whole world know about it. Yves saint laurent libre eau de parfum will announce to everyone that you are the woman who can say no. The one that decides what is best for her.

Fragrance composition
The composition opens with fragrant orange tree essences in the form of petitgrain oil and lavender accords in the company of mandarin oil and black currants. Notes of lavender also penetrate the heart of the fragrance, in which they meet with jasmine. The composition is joined by a warm vanilla with musk, amber and cedar, giving the whole a spectacular character.

History of the fragrance
Libre in French means the freedom emanating from all substances contained in these sensual perfumes. The fragrance is dedicated to strong women who put a sense of freedom at the top of their priorities and values. Just like the Yves Saint Laurent brand.

The inspiration that accompanies the fragrance is also reflected in the bottle itself. Spectacular luxury is expressed in sharp lines, a characteristic logo wrapped around the glass and gold decorations on the black cap with an asymmetrical shape.

Heart - Indian jasmine, jasmine, orange blossom, lavender
Head - blackcurrant, bitter orange oil (petit grain), French lavender oil, mandarin oil
Base - Musk, Madagascar Vanilla, Amber, Cedar
Fragrance groups - fruity, floral
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Was my all time favorite. Hope it come back in the market


Feels wonderful on your face, very light, moisturizing, you don’t know you’re wearing it. Eavens out the complexion and is just fantastic for people with clear skin that just needs a bit of luminesence. 10/10


Good price for a good quality. But while opening the perfume bottle, the cap is squeaking loudly. Its the best to spray it max 2,3 times. Not more, not less


My favourite parfume. I am allergic to most parfums but this one is nice.