Guess 1981 women's perfumes
Guess 1981 women's perfumes

Guess 1981

Body spray for women

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xGuess 1981 women's perfumes

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Guess perfumes guess - american dream. The american fashion brand guess is known primarily for high-quality clothing, creative marketing and having a great impact on current trends. Fashion accessories, watches and jewelry as well as perfumes are also very successful. The guess brand was founded in 1981 by brothers georges, armand, paul and mauric marciano, who were born in morocco but in 1977 moved to california to fulfill their american dream. In the '70s they drew the attention of the fashion world by using denim, which was then considered old-fashioned.
The designs of the marciano brothers were so timeless, sensual and tasteful that they changed the fashion world's attitude to jeans forever. Today, the guess brand is one of the most recognized in the world, and its comfortable clothing and accessories for women, men and children are a reflection of the lifestyle. Among the stars with whom guess works in the field of advertising are claudia schiffer, anna nicole smith, laetitia casta, carla bruni and naomi campbell. In the 21st century, however, the brand is combined primarily with the person of paris hilton.
The first perfumes by guess were launched in the 1980s in cooperation with the revlon brand. Later, however, she began working with the coty brand. In 1990, women's perfume guess original gained notes of mandarin, grapefruit, lemon, jasmine, hyacinth and amber. The most famous men's fragrances include the refreshing, sensual guess seductive homme blue fragrance. Guess perfumes are created in collaboration with perfumers such as honorine blanc, claudette belnavis, steve demercado, antoine lie, francis kurkdjian, guillaume flavigny, pierre negrin, ellen molner and bernard ellena.
The guess brand currently operates in more than 80 countries around the world and is distinguished by a combination of american, western style with european sensitivity. Her products are a symbol of a youthful, sexy lifestyle full of adventures. Over the decades, guess has stimulated people to dreams thanks to his advertising campaigns, which made famous so many unknown people.
The guess brand philosophy says that anyone can fulfill their american dream.

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How i can found this I. Jordan


It's one of my favourite perfumes, however I wish the fragrance were stronger, I like perfumes to smell stronger, to be perceived from a meter distance. This one keeps close the skin, you can only sense it if you get close to the skin. Other than that, I'm fully happy with this perfume, it smells very good, I wear it all the time :)


I would LOVE more !!!!!!! I love it …


covers grey? NO!!!


A good product and goes well with their mint or citrus yuzu shampoos and conditioners. A nice scent and eco-friendly products. I might but it again.