Colgate Max White Extra Care Sensitive Protect teeth whitening
Colgate Max White Extra Care Sensitive Protect teeth whitening

Colgate Max White Extra Care Sensitive Protect

Delicate whitening toothpaste for sensitive teeth

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xColgate Max White Extra Care Sensitive Protect teeth whitening

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There are several brands that are automatically associated with the type of products they offer, synonymous with them. Among them is colgate - one of the best known brands of toothpaste and other oral hygiene products. A global company with over two hundred years of history sells its products in 222 countries around the world, responding to the needs of hundreds of millions of customers. Current annual turnover exceeds $ 10 billion.
Currently, colgate not only toothpaste but also brushes, mouthwash, dental floss and other oral hygiene products on store shelves. The company cooperates with dentists, runs campaigns to promote tooth decay and to care for teeth. It works in accordance with the principle of social responsibility. Colgate's slogan is a healthy and beautiful smile for the whole family. The colgate brand offers several special series of products - for gum protection colgate total pro-gum health, for sensitive teeth colgate sensitive pro-relief, with whitening effect colgate max white or colagete whitening, containing extracts of herbs colgate herbal and others. The children's program includes a wide range of products designed specifically for this age group.
The founder of the brand, william colgate, was born in 1783 in the american city of kent. He started as a worker in soap production, gradually becoming a reputable and wealthy entrepreneur. The clogate company was founded in 1806 in new york, and its production included only classic soap and candles. It wasn't until many years later that she began to manufacture perfumed soaps and toothpastes. The latter, along with other oral hygiene products, have retained the name of the company founder until today, while the name of the soap was changed in 1889 to palmolive soap. The official name of the company is currently colgate-palmolive.
Currently, colgate-palmolive focuses on four areas of production and sales. In addition to the most well-known brand of oral hygiene products - colgate - they include palmolive body and hair cosmetics brands, hill’s pet foods and ajax cleaners.
Finally, two interesting facts. Colgate was the first company to sell toothpaste in tubes. Earlier it was sold in glass containers. In global brand trust research, colgate won first place in australia and mexico, winning over giant mobile and software technology manufacturers, such as microsoft.

Colgate max white extra care sensitive protect toothpaste is designed for gentle teeth whitening. It effectively removes undesirable discoloration from teeth and, when used regularly, rewards you with a more radiant smile.


How to use:
Clean your teeth thoroughly for at least 2 minutes. Use at least twice a day. To brush your teeth, use dental floss or an interdental brush.

Effect - whitewash
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