Biotherm Life Plankton Elixir facial skin care
Biotherm Life Plankton Elixir facial skin care
Biotherm Life Plankton Elixir facial skin care
Biotherm Life Plankton Elixir facial skin care
Biotherm Life Plankton Elixir facial skin care

Biotherm Life Plankton Elixir

Protective regenerating serum

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xBiotherm Life Plankton Elixir facial skin care

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Life Plankton Elixir is a serum that impresses me for several reasons. My skin loves this product because it is highly moisturized, resilient and regenerated. What's more, I noticed that my skin is also slightly illuminated, but it doesn't have an excessive glow effect. The consistency of this serum is very light, it is quickly absorbed, thanks to which this product can be used under any cream, at any time of the year. Life Plankton Elixir works great with various types of creams, with different consistencies, so it can be used in both day and night care.

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A unique cosmetic with a rich, concentrated composition. I use this type of product day and night as a pre-serum to strengthen the proper serum and prepare the skin for further care. One drop is enough to intensively moisturize, brighten and firm the complexion. Hyaluronic acid and a high concentration of beneficial plankton are responsible for the visible anti-wrinkle effect. I recommend, it's worth investing in a serum!


It is very easy to apply, great consistency and satisfying effects 😉


I have invested in this serum after many positive reviews on the internet. I was not disappointed! The serum soothes my skin beautifully - I, as the owner of combination skin, apply once a day in the evening, so the efficiency of this product is huge. The face is moisturized, smooth and soothed. My only regret is that I discovered it so late


I love this serum, I use it in the morning and evening under my favorite cream. It soothes the skin wonderfully, reduces redness and moisturizes. It is very lightly absorbed quickly and does not clog pores or leave a sticky layer.


I use it in the winter because it soothes and regenerates dry skin. Until now, I have not seen the need to use the serum, but now I just appreciated how much it supports the cream. This from Biotherm also has plankton extract and hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes, and vitamin C slows down the appearance of wrinkles. Definitely worth the money!


The best elixir I used. I noticed the first effects very quickly. It works perfectly on my dry and tired skin. It does not give the feeling of tightening like many other preparations - perfect for people with sensitive skin. Elixir smells nice and does not irritate the skin. We can apply it under makeup. It gives a very pleasant cooling feeling. I highly recommend the Life Plankton series!


My favorite serum. It gives quickly visible effects. I have already used them twice as a regenerative treatment. Always then get a lot of compliments from friends that I look "somehow younger". A decent and simple packaging, a nice fragrance, so it is used with great pleasure.


The smell reminds me of a holiday, and it also works and works great - what more could you want? :)


I have always been eager to reach for Biotherm products. This serum did not disappoint me either. Great regenerates and smoothes the skin surface. It gives a feeling of comfort and softness. Every morning, I apply it to cleansed skin, because I know it will be well prepared for makeup.


Biother potion I had the opportunity to test for several weeks. It has a brilliant light texture with an imperceptible smell. Works great especially on warmer days because it is not palpable. The makeup stays on very well. It gives the skin a proper dose of hydration and protects against external factors. I would recommend!


Biotherm means harmonious harmony between man and nature. Immerse yourself in the aquatic world of these unique cosmetics.

The Biotherm brand is inspired by the power of thermal sources, minerals and other biologically active substances. The unique composition of its products derives energy mainly from water as an element of nature that gave rise to life.

The activities of a natural source in the Pyrenees have been known for centuries. Some even believed that it was a source of eternal youth. In the 1950s, an unusual substance was noticed on the surface of this source, whose extraordinary properties were also proved by later studies of dr. Jose Jullien. He combined his knowledge with the experience of cosmetician Janine Marissal and together they laid the foundations for the Biotherm brand.

Water, thanks to its unique biological characteristics, stays in perfect harmony with human skin, which allows it to regenerate and protect the skin in a unique way. Today Biotherm offers the highest quality face and body skin care products, as well as fresh and captivating scents with natural accents. You can also test the strength of water.

Biotherm life plankton elixir is a new generation serum that provides protection, regeneration and relief for all skin types. The serum contains life plankton ™, a natural active substance with a maximum concentration of 5 percent that clearly rejuvenates and strengthens the skin.

The light, non-sticky and variable consistency of the serum resembles the structure of the skin, thanks to which it blends perfectly with it, deeply penetrating the skin and increases the efficiency of daily care.


Test results of 130 women after 8 days of use:

Test results of 34 women after 4 weeks of use:

Composition :

How to use:
Put on your hand dose 3-4 drops of serum and warm them up. Then pat into the skin of the face, neck and cleavage. Continue to apply the day or night cream.

Skin type - for all skin types
Active substances - hyaluronic acid
Effect - anti-age, protects against external factors, regaining density
How to use - for day and night
Consistency - fluid
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Čim sam ga isprobala, zavinuo mi je trepavice prema dolje. Kasnije sam primjetila da mi trepavice izgledaju kraće, no kad sam se približila ogledalu, vidjela sam da su odrezane. Da skratim priču, vaš proizvod mi je odrezao trepavice, i jako sam nesretna i ljuta zbog toga. Ne preporučam ovaj proizvod. Upozoravam sve koji su ga mislili kupiti!


Haven't been using it long but plan to use it long-term if I like the results I've been using it for about a month will let you know how it turns out.




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