LM Parfums Black Oud Extreme Amber woody perfumes
LM Parfums Black Oud Extreme Amber woody perfumes
LM Parfums Black Oud Extreme Amber woody perfumes

LM Parfums Black Oud Extreme Amber

Unisex perfume extract

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xLM Parfums Black Oud Extreme Amber woody perfumes

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The niche lm parfums perfumes are mysterious, extravagant and sophisticated. The creator of the brand is laurent mazzone, who from childhood was fascinated by the world of fragrances. Already as a child, he could indicate the composition of perfumes and willingly discovered new fragrances.
Later, he remained true to his passion, but first decided to enter the world of fashion and opened several boutiques with clothing for men and women. Then he began to manufacture scented candles that quickly won the hearts of his customers. He finally decided to devote himself to composing fragrances and in 2011 his first perfumes appeared on the market.
The luxurious niche lm parfums perfumes are harmonious and balanced on the one hand, and provocative, bold and inventive on the other. Their unique tone will not let you disappear in the crowd. Simple, black bottles of lm parfums perfume are an expression of laurent mazzone's penchant for black because of the mysterious, timeless and strong character of this color. Lm parfums perfumes have the same features, which will emphasize your uniqueness and give you confidence!

Lm parfums black oud extreme amber perfume extract will envelop you in the elegant veil of its fragrance and become an indispensable part of your personality.

Heart - ambergris, agar
Head - spices, incense
Base - vanilla, cedar, civet, castoreum, sandalwood
Fragrance groups - oriental, woody
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A lovely unsmoked tobacco fragrance. Some clove to start then a smooth tobacco. great stuff


smells very good and you will get many compliments


My boyfriend says my face smells like poop after I wash my face with this. Incredible!


With this i got all my severe hair loss.This is very bad..😡😡😡i was having a miner loss but after using this i had sever that u people can't imagine. Even combing showering. Is getting worse due😡 to scared i dont combe now😭😭😭😭😭😭


Это лучшее средство!а запах бомба просто!!!