Emanuel Ungaro L'Homme III men
Emanuel Ungaro L'Homme III men
Emanuel Ungaro L'Homme III men

Emanuel Ungaro L'Homme III

Toilet water for men

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xEmanuel Ungaro L'Homme III men

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My adventure with Ungaro III has been going on continuously for quite a few years. This is my fragrance card. Everywhere in Europe and Asia or Africa, the fragrance stuns the female senses - there is no other, similar - Ungaro III is a highly selective fragrance for a man who underneath the tough shell hides sincerity and sensitivity to the needs of a woman ... This fragrance exudes mystery, warmth of memories and strength feelings - it leaves an unforgettable feeling of fascination ... The lack of comparisons and references to other fragrances from other manufacturers or signing only products is a standard and class in itself ... ask Emi - EMI will say more ...

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Successful purchase. A beautiful fragrance. When it comes to durability, on average. I recommend for a special man


fantastic smell, suitable for the current season / cool autumn evenings the upcoming winter /, simply "honey". Perfumery, service and order processing are perfect as usual. Greetings to the entire crew from store.


I really like this smell on my man. When he's not with me, the smell is in his clothes. And so it reduces my waiting time and doesn't let me forget :)


a classic in itself, a delightful fragrance, unchanged for several decades;]


Italian refinement, style. A combination of an Italian perfume school and a French one. Very masculine, classic. It fits for formal occasions or visits. A beautiful bottle and an even better fragrance. Durability 9h. Tail - amazing design. I recommend it on cool autumn, spring or summer evenings.


This fragrance is a classic. Very characteristic, but not choking or bland. I have been using it intermittently since the nineties. A lot of perfumes have been rewound at that time, the smell of some producers has broken down, and Ungaro keeps the level. He was, is and will be in my top 3 :)


A long-lasting, extremely masculine fragrance. And I see, here in the reviews, that someone is complaining about his supposed `` chemical '' aroma. Nonsense. Smell, smells elegant, even charming. Interesting fragrance composition, pleases both men and women of all ages.


A matter of taste. I like it and like it. I recommend.


Fragrance very synthetic and disappointing. Compared to other men's studies, the rose certainly doesn't deserve the expense (just a test note). Artificiality and fermented acidity of the fragrance persist from the first to the last phase. Praise about these "perfumes" is evoked by the encouraging price-quantity ratio and the bottle's tasteful appearance. By the way, the inner part of the plug after a few applications broke off and now every time it stays on the atomizer (technical lime!). Another thing is that the rose note in the male perspective is a very difficult topic. I do not recommend. Appearances - in this case - are very confusing.


Emanuel ungaro became famous as a brave and provocative french fashion designer. His father was a tailor and taught him the love of craftsmanship. At the age of 23, emanuel moved to paris, where he gained experience as a designer with cristóbal balenciaga. Then he opened his own haute couture fashion house, thus beginning the brand emanuel ungaro. Elegant and sexy models, folded materials, expressive, vivid colors and patterns - these are the hallmarks of the designer workshop.

In the 1980s, the first Emanuel Ungaro perfumes appeared on the market. The world of fragrances met Diva Eau de Parfum - a beautiful, classic feminine fragrance whose bottle reflects Emanuel's creativity. Also the men's Ungaro series didn't make you wait long. At the turn of the millennium, another sensual perfume was created that is equally endearing and full of timeless elegance, typical of the Ungaro brand.

Emanuel ungaro l'homme iii is a woody-spicy fragrance for men who have already found their place in life. Are you aware of the strength that lies in your manhood? do you miss unconventional elegance and uncommon style? it is for you that emanuel ungaro l'homme iii eau de toilette was created.

The intoxicating freshness of citrus is combined with captivating chords of various ingredients. Masculinity and elegance add floral essences to the fragrance. Finally, you will be enchanted by warm tones of wood and vetiver, which will pleasantly caress your senses.

The Emanuel Ungaro brand is distinguished by excellent fragrances for men and women. If you dream of sensuality, sex appeal and courage, this brand was created just for you. Enter the world of L'Homme and emphasize your unique personality. Thanks to Emanuel Ungaro L'Homme toilet water, your uncommon style will shine! The fragrance was launched in 1993.

Heart - rose, lily of the valley, jasmine
Head - vodka, lemon, sage, orange, mahogany, coriander, lavender
Base - musk, vetiver, cedar, lichen, patchouli, sandalwood
Fragrance groups - aromatic, green
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Was my all time favorite. Hope it come back in the market


Feels wonderful on your face, very light, moisturizing, you don’t know you’re wearing it. Eavens out the complexion and is just fantastic for people with clear skin that just needs a bit of luminesence. 10/10


Good price for a good quality. But while opening the perfume bottle, the cap is squeaking loudly. Its the best to spray it max 2,3 times. Not more, not less


My favourite parfume. I am allergic to most parfums but this one is nice.