Laboratorio Olfattivo Nun women's perfumes
Laboratorio Olfattivo Nun women's perfumes

Laboratorio Olfattivo Nun

Unisex shower gel

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xLaboratorio Olfattivo Nun women's perfumes

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Perfumes laboratorio olfattivo | olfattivo laboratorio - fragrances that express emotions creatively. Laboratorio olfattivo is a new, italian niche perfume brand that has fully devoted itself to perfumery. Each of the compositions of this extremely creative perfumery company has its own history. The laboratorio olfattivo brand was created in rome in 2010 by joining the forces of experienced artists and entrepreneurs sharing their love of perfumes. Based on the experience gained during many years of activity in the perfumery industry, they set the ambitious goal of reviving this sector with unique and sophisticated creations with a strong emphasis on the best quality.
The creators of the innovative collection of laboratorio olfattivo perfumes can boast of using research and real art in perfumery. Their studio is in a constant creative mess, where perfumers create completely freely, without limiting their creativity. Laboratorio olfattivo perfumes are created in a magical environment, where ideas, visions and efforts to create the best possible fragrance come together. Their joint, creative brainstorming and dreams create a unique, luxurious perfume.
All laboratorio olfattivo perfumes, created in an atmosphere of creativity, have one thing in common. They evoke elegance and uniqueness, that is, two main features testifying to the true art of perfumery. They are offered in the concentration of eau de parfum, because it is the eau de parfum that representatives of laboratorio olfattivo consider to be the perfect form for the best quality compositions and perfect essences. Most renowned italian and world perfumers like enrico buccella, marie duchene, pierre guillaume, david maruitte, cecile zarokian and rosine courage take part. Their unique, creative works are presented in smooth, ergonomic bottles with simple, raw lines.
Laboratorio olfattivo - unique, luxurious perfumes created from unlimited creativity.

Laboratorio olfattivo nun shower gel will perfectly complement the fragrance from the same series. It adds freshness and leaves the skin soft and full of fragrance, which stimulates the senses and increases self-confidence. Thanks to that, every bath changes into a great experience.

Heart - ylang-ylang, lotus, jasmine
Head - lemon, pear, bergamot, neroli
Base - musk, amber, bright tree
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Имате ли от този продукт


Just received my Jenny glow Bluebell perfume . It is just the most refreshing smell that I have used for a long time . Would highly recommend it . Looking to try to purchase shower gel & body lotion . Luv it .


Sal send me contact number


This was a gift that I waited a while to burn...would love to have ten (10) of them!! Clean burn, fantastic scent. Looking for a source to buy more!!