Valera Swiss Light 3300 Ionic hair
Valera Swiss Light 3300 Ionic hair
Valera Swiss Light 3300 Ionic hair
Valera Swiss Light 3300 Ionic hair
Valera Swiss Light 3300 Ionic hair

Valera Swiss Light 3300 Ionic

Professional hair dryer with ionizer

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xValera Swiss Light 3300 Ionic hair

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Valera is a swiss brand created to serve your hair. Treat yourself to exceptional care of the highest quality. Valera styling devices are tested by specialists and can be found in the equipment of the best hotels around the world. Dryers, curlers and straighteners from this manufacturer are the best proof that beautiful appearance can go hand in hand with care. Valera products will not only add beauty to your hair, but also provide them with protection.

The Swiss company Ligo Electric SA, which is a manufacturer of Valera devices, has been on the market since 1955. From the very beginning, its activity has been based on cooperation with the best hairdressers, hair cosmetics manufacturers and university scientists. The result is quality, precision and reliability. Other factors are important to users, such as long life, technological innovations, safety, beautiful design and long warranty.

Valera devices offer several unique solutions. For example, the Rotocord system prevents the cable from twisting or tangling. Special Color Care technology protects dyed hair, which is more sensitive to high temperatures. Of course, there was ionization, thanks to which the hair regenerates perfectly, is not over-dried and is easy to comb. The next step forward is the use of tourmaline - a mineral with unique properties consisting of the natural formation of ions at high temperatures. Another interesting novelty is Touch me effect, which consists in the fact that the ends of the dryer are covered with a special layer, so they remain cool, so you can touch them without fear. Certainly you and your surroundings will also appreciate the Silent system, which guarantees quiet operation of Valera devices.

If you decide to give your hair the care it deserves, the Valera brand will be the best choice. Customers most often buy the quiet and efficient Valera Hairdryers Silent Power 2400 ionization dryer or the Valera Hairdryers Swiss Turbo 7000 Light Rotocord professional dryer, which perfectly dries the hair without damaging them. For lovers of straighteners, the brand has prepared a multifunctional Valera Hair Straighteners X-Style straightener, while during styling a ceramic-tourmaline curler Valera Curling Irons and Stylers Conix will be a great help. Another great device is the Valera Clippers trimmer.

With the Valera brand you buy quality and tradition with the "Made in Switzerland" logo. Valera is not a season-long trend, but a proven, trustworthy helper in styling hair and creating fancy hairstyles.

The valera swiss light 3300 ionic hair dryer will provide quick and effective hair drying and help you get a larger volume of hair.


How to use:
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Instructions for use can be found HERE

Type of power supply - Network
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