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Toothpaste for children

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The scandinavian brand zendium, which was founded in 1969 by microbiologist dr. Henk hoogendoorn, specializes in dental care. Its main product are toothpastes that naturally protect the mouth.

Our lips contain a system of enzymes and proteins responsible for their protection. Based on the research of this system, Zendium toothpastes have been developed that are in perfect harmony with the mouth and restore its natural environment.

Clinical studies show that Zendium tooth care products protect the mouth, strengthen the gums, prevent plaque formation and provide fresh breath. Zendium toothpastes are gentle but effective and contain a foaming ingredient which, unlike the commonly used SLS, does not cause soft tissue irritation.

The best dentists recommend Zendium products for oral hygiene. Therefore, regardless of whether you have sensitive gums or you are looking for a good daily toothbrush, you should not miss Zendium toothpaste in your bathroom.

Toothpaste zendium kids perfectly cleans a child's teeth, maintains white and healthy teeth.


How to use:
It is recommended to use a paste of at least 2 times a day, morning and evening, or after each meal. Rinse your mouth thoroughly after using the paste.

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Čim sam ga isprobala, zavinuo mi je trepavice prema dolje. Kasnije sam primjetila da mi trepavice izgledaju kraće, no kad sam se približila ogledalu, vidjela sam da su odrezane. Da skratim priču, vaš proizvod mi je odrezao trepavice, i jako sam nesretna i ljuta zbog toga. Ne preporučam ovaj proizvod. Upozoravam sve koji su ga mislili kupiti!


Haven't been using it long but plan to use it long-term if I like the results I've been using it for about a month will let you know how it turns out.




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