Milkhouse Candle Co. Creamery Celebrate! aromatherapy
Milkhouse Candle Co. Creamery Celebrate! aromatherapy

Milkhouse Candle Co. Creamery Celebrate!

Butter jar i scented candle.

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xMilkhouse Candle Co. Creamery Celebrate! aromatherapy

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As much as 100% of natural wax (soy and bees) and the aroma of essential oils - this is the basis of all stylish candles of the Milkhouse Candle Company brand. In addition, to ensure maximum clean and safe smoking, the candles do not contain any artificial colors or toxic lead in the wick.

The founders of Eric and Janet Sparrow are strongly associated with the Midwest USA, nature and agriculture. It all began as a hobby in 2002, when they started making candles in jars and selling them at local markets. They shared their creative products with friends, family and colleagues, gaining more and more delighted reactions.

A year later, they founded their own brand, Milkhouse Candle Co. This in turn quickly grew into a prosperous company that is still based on the original values ​​and the pleasure of using healthy soy and beeswax candles.

Milkhouse candle co. Creamery celebrate! Will fill your home with a wonderful fragrance, creating a cozy atmosphere that will always make you feel great.


Composition :

How to use:
Place the candle on surfaces resistant to temperature effect. They should not burn for more than 4 hours. Never let the candle burn to the very end. Never leave a burning candle unattended and near flammable objects. Keep out of reach of children and pets. It is recommended to ensure optimal combustion

The character of a home fragrance - fruity, fresh
assembling - ginger, grape, wine, grapefruit
Wick type - cotton
Material - glass
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How i can found this I. Jordan


It's one of my favourite perfumes, however I wish the fragrance were stronger, I like perfumes to smell stronger, to be perceived from a meter distance. This one keeps close the skin, you can only sense it if you get close to the skin. Other than that, I'm fully happy with this perfume, it smells very good, I wear it all the time :)


I would LOVE more !!!!!!! I love it …


covers grey? NO!!!


A good product and goes well with their mint or citrus yuzu shampoos and conditioners. A nice scent and eco-friendly products. I might but it again.