Mugler Womanity woody perfumes
Mugler Womanity woody perfumes
Mugler Womanity woody perfumes
Mugler Womanity woody perfumes

Mugler Womanity

Eau de parfum refillable bottle for women

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xMugler Womanity woody perfumes

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To all women who have doubts about the originality of the womanity perfume ... well, whether they are more pink or more yellow depends on which copy you received. Perhaps one got the perfume from before the reformation, and the other after it, for example in the original version you can feel e.g. figs and in the changed caviar, hence probably the information under the product that the packaging may differ from the one in the picture ... Pay attention to the first and second pictures. The more pink perfumes on the box have changed their name to MUGLER, and those more yellow, Thierry Mugler. Since the brand name has been changed, the contents of the bottles have also changed slightly, they do not perform much worse in terms of parameters. The perfumes, on the other hand, are one hundred percent original, at least those bought here.

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Fragrance beautiful, sensual, sweet. I don't know why it was withdrawn in most perfumeries. Fortunately, the site is still available here so I can still enjoy the fragrance. One-of-a-kind bottle of original, elegant looks beautiful on the dressing table.


My most beloved fragrance. Although I still have 1/3 bottle, I ordered again because I'm afraid that I won't buy it anywhere. Perfumes last for a long time. They have a salty and sweetish smell. They develop insanely on the skin.


Unusual composition !! The quintessence of luxury - caviar giving a slightly salty, sea breeze and a sweet, exotic, sunny fig. Very sensual, very feminine. They have something sensual, very sexy. The trailing tail that I leave behind using this fragrance winks at passers-by. Mugler fragrances are specific, but it is these fragrances that are remembered. The persistence of this fragrance is very hard to beat at the moment!


Not all fragrances from this brand I like. However, this one won my heart right away. The smell of caviar and figs? This call talks to me right away. It's wonderful. Very original and unique always when I go out somewhere in the evening or on some important output I put it on and immediately feel more confident


Hard smell, goes to few, very interesting and unique. Maybe I like him for the fact that hardly anyone likes it, or maybe for its simultaneous sweetness and freshness? I will recognize this fragrance anytime, anywhere, a charming fig mixed with sea water is a magical mix. The smell is very persistent and tailed, in my opinion it will be at any time of the year. The bottle is also beautiful!


It's been my scent for years. I fell in love with him from the first impression. Very characteristic, intense, attractive, magnetic and very feminine. I sense fig, caviar in it. Incredibly durable. It has a beautiful bottle, which can be unscrewed, for example, pour a part into a smaller container into a purse. It is difficult to buy it for a long time, but on the store website there is almost everything for which I thank you


My scent for years! You either love him or hate him! I love it ago! It's hard to buy, hardly available, it is in store!




One of my favorite fragrances - fig, warm, but also refreshing, more for the summer. Durability - not bad 4-6 hours.


Strong, strong scent, like any mugler, makes an impression


Thierry mugler (* 1948, strasbourg, france) the first fashion salon was opened in 1973 in the fashion capital paris. In the 70s he specialized in projects for french women to meet existing trends.
He didn't start designing perfumes until 1992. Thierry mugler sees himself as a conductor, fluently leading the whole world of fashion - accessories and accessories, and of course perfumes.

Warm, penetrating, sweet, fresh and intoxicating - this is what mugler womanity eau de parfum is for. It's a fragrance that highlights all aspects of femininity and is a tribute to all women, emphasizing especially their energy and creative power.

Fragrance composition
The main theme of the composition are figs, representing a symbol of femininity. Perfumes celebrate love, sensuality and the whole of women through bold and expressive contrast of fragrances. The sweetness and juiciness of figs meets here the sophisticated woodiness of the leaves and fig tree. And the unexpected accords of caviar give the whole an exceptionally spicy character.

The history of fragrance
Mugler Womanity embodies a global, but at the same time extremely diverse world. It draws attention to the invisible bond connecting women around the world, despite the differences that divide them. The unique composition of sweets, spices and wood chords symbolizes the richness of women's hearts and a common ideology connecting them.

The top of the bottle is a carved totem, and the chain and ring decorating it symbolize the bond connecting women around the world.

assembling - fig tree, fig, fig leaf, sea notes
Fragrance groups - fruity, woody
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This was a gift that I waited a while to burn...would love to have ten (10) of them!! Clean burn, fantastic scent. Looking for a source to buy more!!


This is the only sunscreen I have found that doesn’t irritate my eyes. With daily application it has also reduced evidence of sun damage on my skin. I can’t rate this product highly enough. Sadly I can’t find this in the Uk and can only purchase in France - please someone bring it here.


Je voudrai cette crème mais je ne trouve plus.


Horrible shampoo and it my hair like a broomstick. Very expensive and plz don't buy this shampoo


Absolutely love this product. I have very sensitive skin, but I have not experienced any break outs. It smooths, lightens and covers my blemishes. Love, love, love it :-)