Alterna Caviar Style dry hair
Alterna Caviar Style dry hair

Alterna Caviar Style

Hair protection serum

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xAlterna Caviar Style dry hair

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Alterna cosmetics | alterna - professional hair cosmetics. Alterna has been a pioneer since 1997 in the approach to luxurious hair care. Specialists working with the brand believe that regardless of what customers need for their hair, they should not be forced to choose between clinically tested products, those proven in practice, and those containing natural, beneficial ingredients for the skin. All alterna products combine these three properties: professionalism, efficiency and naturalness.
Alterna brand products are created from precious, natural substances such as caviar and bamboo. They do not contain any parabens, sulfates or other harmful substances. Thanks to 15 years of experience and research on modern technologies, which are also extensively tested in practice, the brand can guarantee that the customer, when buying any product, will always get what he expects. The brand is a synonym of professionalism and uncompromising approach. Alterna offers revolutionary products that set standards among the most luxurious hair cosmetics in the world. Her opinion is the result of results, not promises. Real innovations and proven performance have ensured the brand's loyal customers. Hillary duff, kate moss, russell crowe, naomi campbell, julia roberts, jennifer aniston ... These are just a few examples of world-class stars that use alterna products.
"alterna is not testing her products on animals, but on celebrities! "
(katie holmes, actress and co-owner of alterna haircare)

Alterna caviar style caviar style leave-in care product will give your hair everything it needs after washing.


How to use:>
Apply to towel-dried hair. Do not rinse.

Scalp type - all types of scalp
Hair Type - damaged hair, dry hair
Effect - Termoochrona
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The candle smells amazing I just had to buy it. The only thing the scent isn’t strong i can’t even smell it.


The cream is very good, it spreads well and gives a good effect, it's great.


It has a beautiful smell, I am very pleased, I recommend it


A brilliant whole series. The hair has become more fluffy, it has more volume, I have no difficulty combing at all. The scent of the shampoo is very delicate and pleasant