Bioderma Cicabio Arnica+ body
Bioderma Cicabio Arnica+ body

Bioderma Cicabio Arnica+

Product for topical use against skin irritation and itching

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xBioderma Cicabio Arnica+ body

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a perfect cream after laser treatments sensational copes with itching skin accelerates healing I highly recommend

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a perfect cream after laser treatments sensational copes with itching skin accelerates healing I highly recommend


Bioderma dermocosmetics are based on knowledge of the skin and its biological mechanisms. This scientific approach guarantees a product composition that is precisely targeted to different types or problems of the skin. Bioderma cosmetics do not contain ingredients harmful to the skin, such as parabens, phthalates and formaldehyde. All products contain only pure active ingredients that are found in the skin itself, which is why the bioderma brand guarantees perfect tolerance of its preparations. All face and body skin care products have undergone clinical trials and were created under the supervision of experts in the field of dermatology, allergology and toxicology.

Since its inception in 1970, the brand has developed several patents. For example, Bioderma Sensibio micellar fluid is the first facial cleansing liquid in history that is still very popular today. On the other hand, the Bioderma Sébium product series contains the patented Fluidactiv complex, which effectively fights against all symptoms of oily and problematic skin.

In the brand portfolio you will find thoughtful skin care products for the whole body. And what is important - Bioderma not only brings temporary relief, but always directly removes the cause of the problem. You can also provide perfect care for your skin!

The bioderma cicabio arnica preparation gently cares and regenerates your skin.



How to use:
Apply to changed areas of the skin as needed, even several times a day. Use according to the attached instructions.

Skin type - sensitive, atopic skin and eczema
Effect - soothing, regeneration
Consistency - cream
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