Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs body
Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs body
Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs body
Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs body

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

Toning spray for legs

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xSally Hansen Airbrush Legs body

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The cosmetic is quite good but if someone expects wonderful tights then they have to buy tights. Pros: the legs look tanned, give the impression of stockings, gently hide imperfections. Cons: learn to distribute the product - rubbing small amounts with quick movements is not so easy. It is not true that the product does not rub off - especially in places exposed to rubbing, e.g. footwear. Despite this, it must be admitted that it is durable, waterproof, does not dirty even light clothes. After a day, the legs dry up and look worse. They will not cover varicose veins or larger scars. An indispensable product for the first days without tights, weddings, celebrations. I do not know a better product that hides the pallor of my legs, which is why I bought more despite the minuses. Attention to color - medium ok natural shade of tan.

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I recommend a great product.


I've heard about this product, but I've never used it. I am browsing articles and what I see ....? Are ! I ordered immediately to check them. They are really amazing. First, peeling, shaving, lotion, applying tights ready. At the ball, I won't have to worry about the appearance of my legs. Successful purchase and I will definitely use it more than once!


I highly recommend it! It doesn't dirty clothes, it is very easy and quick to get a surprising effect on beautifully tanned legs. I recommend using some milk or oil first, in my opinion it is better to spread these tights later :) I bought one and then immediately the second;) I do not regret it.


I delayed my purchase for a long time and now I regret it. The product is great. Gives a nice, natural shade, doesn't stain or smudges. It does not flow during the day. It is only washed under the influence of water and soap. recommend


The legs look great and very natural. Easy application. Does not dirty clothing, does not leave streaks. An ideal product for fair complexion. I would recommend!


I finally convinced myself to spray tights and I don't regret buying it. The legs look great.


For the first time I decided on this type of product and I must say that I am very happy !! I have very light complexions, and the product allows you to adjust the amount of application to your skin color,


I recommend to all ladies who do not have time for sunbathing. The legs after applying look reeeweeelaaacyjnee, smooth, velvety, slender, as in the thinnest stockings, just great. It is great to apply, does not leave streaks, does not dirty "clothes". After thorough lubrication, it waits 10 minutes and it's ready. I use the third summer. I buy two packages every year, they last for the whole season.


Irreplaceable product, legs look great!


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Get a tan in a few seconds, as if you've just returned from a vacation by the sea. Sally hansen airbrush legs toning spray for legs provides the effect of perfectly tanned legs, unifies the skin tone and stimulates microcirculation. It effectively masks minor imperfections on the legs, such as dilated blood vessels and freckles, while moisturizing the skin. No matter what dress you choose, your legs will look perfect.


Composition :

How to use:
Shake thoroughly before use. Spray the hand spray, apply to the legs and spread evenly. Wait for a minute for the spray to dry before getting dressed.

A kind of package - spray
Consistency - spray
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Absolutely love this product. I have very sensitive skin, but I have not experienced any break outs. It smooths, lightens and covers my blemishes. Love, love, love it :-)



I really want to like it, however,it makes my skin feel weird. Like it cant breathe and feels dry. Also, it starts to get little tiny clumpy balls on my face. I cant buy this product again.