DKNY Be Delicious women's perfumes
DKNY Be Delicious women's perfumes
DKNY Be Delicious women's perfumes
DKNY Be Delicious women's perfumes
DKNY Be Delicious women's perfumes

DKNY Be Delicious

Eau de parfum for women

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xDKNY Be Delicious women's perfumes

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A classic among fresh and fruity scents. Well-felt cucumber and grapefruit accords, which sometimes combine gradually with subtle magnolia, develop on the skin for a long time. The smell is quite persistent for such delicate notes, I think it is suitable for everyday use as well as for work. The bottle in the shape of a green apple is immediately associated with fruit and freshness.

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The smell is beautiful, fresh, apple-lily-of-the-valley with a hint of cucumber. He definitely won my heart :) Additional pros for the durability and the bottle. Definitely more for warm days and that's why I'm already standing on my dressing table:) I recommend !!!


Classic! A charming bottle that has a delicate, fresh, girlish fragrance. This proposition from DKNY is a perfect choice for spring and summer, even hot ones. The fragrance is light, pleasant to wear and holds relatively well. I come back to him every year! :)


This fragrance never gets boring. Reminiscent of holidays and sunshine. Perfect for warm summer days. recommend


One of the favorites on hot days. Quite a controversial combination of green apple sweets and a dry note of cucumber with a citrus note and a woody base. Wonderfully refreshes, gives a sense of purity, improves the mood. For the fruity smell, its durability and projection are surprisingly good. The perfect choice for a holiday trip. I would recommend!


My favorite of all DKNY apples. Fresh, durable and light. Definitely every day. Handy bottle, very aesthetically made. A classic over classics.


A classic among fresh and persistent fragrances. Expressive apple and floral notes dominate here. The bottle also resembles this fruit, it has a green shade, although in my opinion it is quite bulky, it presents itself interestingly. A fragrance that is perfect for summer and spring.


A mixture of juicy apples with a distinct aroma of flowers. A perfect fragrance for the summer - fresh but intriguing. Suitable for women who like an active lifestyle and those who live more peacefully. One of the few fragrances that I like to come back to every summer and not only.


The perfume has a nice, non-dozen bottle with easy dispensing. As for me, the smell is compelling, fruity, sweet as I like. Perfect for warm summer days. In my opinion, it stays on the body for a long time, and if we pee on clothes, we can feel it for a very long time. Emphasizes feminine charm and delicacy. I would recommend.


A perfect fragrance for spring and summer. Fresh, sweet and floral, and incredibly intense. Whenever I wear it, I have a lot of energy and great humor. Green apple is a classic among fresh fragrances.


A fresh, fruity-floral fragrance for women of all ages. It exudes freshness, innocence and light mystery.


Modern, confident, iconic - this is how donna karan could be described, inspired by the energy of the new york metropolis. Created for a confident and spontaneous woman who never knows where the day will lead her. Discover the rich world of donna karan new york fragrances that will change everyday moments into an extraordinary experience.

The brand has gained the recognition of women around the world not only thanks to fashion collections. DKNY perfumes will awaken in you the desire to feel full of life. DKNY Be Delicious Eau de Parfum is a cult icon - a juicy "apple" with a fresh, fruity-floral scent that will enchant women of all ages.

Other fragrances from the DKNY women series will conquer your heart. Try the delicate and floral DKNY Pure or the DKNY Red Delicious Eau de Parfum, which was also enclosed in an apple-like bottle, but in this case in a shade of red. And because many women like to choose perfumes with a similar scent for their men, the DKNY men collection of men's eau de toilette and cologne is also available.

Dkny be delicious is an energetic eau de parfum inspired by the new york lifestyle. The combination of fragrances is associated with innocence, endearing attractiveness and mystery.

Fragrance composition
Eau de parfum opens with fresh tones of cucumber and grapefruit, which are gradually combined with subtle magnolia. The heart of the fragrance is dominated by an expressive apple, surrounded by a beautiful bouquet of flowers. The woody note is complemented by amber accords.

History of the fragrance
The fragrance of the famous designer Donna Karan can create an atmosphere of the New York night, full of energy, excitement and lightness. Particularly attractive and captivating is the freshness of this eau de parfum that will awaken in you the desire for new sensations. Be Delicious conceals the emotions of New York - it is full of love, life and adventure. It appeared on the market in 2004.

Heart - tuberose, rose, lily of the valley, violet
Head - Japanese cherry blossom, cucumber, magnolia, grapefruit
Base - woody notes, white amber, sandalwood
Fragrance groups - fruity, floral
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Was my all time favorite. Hope it come back in the market


Feels wonderful on your face, very light, moisturizing, you don’t know you’re wearing it. Eavens out the complexion and is just fantastic for people with clear skin that just needs a bit of luminesence. 10/10


Good price for a good quality. But while opening the perfume bottle, the cap is squeaking loudly. Its the best to spray it max 2,3 times. Not more, not less


My favourite parfume. I am allergic to most parfums but this one is nice.