Curaprox Prime Refill CPS interdental spaces
Curaprox Prime Refill CPS interdental spaces
Curaprox Prime Refill CPS interdental spaces
Curaprox Prime Refill CPS interdental spaces
Curaprox Prime Refill CPS interdental spaces

Curaprox Prime Refill CPS

Set of spare interdental brushes.

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xCuraprox Prime Refill CPS interdental spaces

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Curaprox cosmetics | curaprox - swiss precision in dental care. Curaprox is a brand of high quality oral hygiene products developed by the swiss company of pioneers and specialists in oral health and individual dental prophylaxis, curaden international ag, in cooperation with experts in the field of education, research and dental practice.
Curaden for decades, it has focused primarily on the production and improvement of the best toothbrushes and interdental spaces, with the basis of its philosophy being perfectly clean teeth, effective tooth cleaning without injuries, and cooperation with the best specialists in the industry.
A comprehensive series of brushes curaprox toothbrushes contain brushes of varying hardness and fiber number depending on the types of teeth, for example sensitive ones, a wide range of interdental brushes, as well as special brushes for children.
Cura manual toothbrushes prox do not have standard nylon fibers, but patented curen® fibers, which are extremely soft and delicate. Thanks to the softness of the fibers, the brushes are atraumatic, which means that there is a minimal risk of gums injury when used, the density of the fibers guarantees maximum efficiency, the small, compact and slightly tilted brush head allows easy access to all places, and the octagonal handle ensures the correct angle of holding the brush during cleaning.
Curaprox interdental brushes are also extremely effective and delicate. The ultra-patented fibers that open in the interdental space are connected to a thin, surgical wire that is used to clean the interdental spaces without the risk of gum injury that can occur with dental floss. Curaden is even more gentle on children's products, which is why curakid children's brushes are excellent and soft tools for the first oral hygiene for babies and young children, and oral hygiene using them becomes a pleasant fun for the child.
The purpose of the curaprox brand is to maintain healthy teeth throughout life.

Do not underestimate oral care. The curaprox prime refill cps interdental brush has extremely fine fibers that easily reach even hard-to-reach places. To thoroughly clean the interdental space, one move back and forth is enough.

The replacement tips for interdental brushes are intended for use with the Curaprox interdental brush holder (not included).

Properties :

How to use:
Place the interdental brush in the dedicated Curaprox holder and clean the interdental spaces. Just one brush move back and forth.

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