Splat Special Sea Minerals teeth whitening
Splat Special Sea Minerals teeth whitening
Splat Special Sea Minerals teeth whitening
Splat Special Sea Minerals teeth whitening

Splat Special Sea Minerals

Whitening carbon toothpaste

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xSplat Special Sea Minerals teeth whitening

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The company Splat dealing in the production of oral hygiene agents is based in Latvian Riga and has been on the market for 15 years. Splat toothpastes contain extremely effective substances of natural origin, essential oils and plant extracts. Thanks to this they are perfect for health care and beautiful appearance of teeth.
Every product created in Splat laboratories is created with a view to effectively solving problems related to oral hygiene. The Splat company cooperates with leading dentists and specialists around the world, thanks to which every product has the guarantee of the highest efficiency.
The result of specialists' work are innovative products for dental hygiene, whose high efficiency is confirmed by extensive clinical trials conducted in Russia, the EU and Japan. Splat dental hygiene products contain special bioactive substances that ensure high efficiency and a maximum degree of oral care.
None of the SPLAT products contain synthetic antiseptics, triclosan and chlorhexidine. None of the SPLAT products for children contain sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) and sodium saccharin.

Splat special sea minerals toothpaste is intended for gentle teeth whitening. It effectively removes undesirable discoloration from teeth and, when used regularly, rewards you with a more radiant smile.


How to use:
Use at least twice a day. Clean your teeth thoroughly for at least 2 minutes.

Effect - whitewash
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With this i got all my severe hair loss.This is very bad..😡😡😡i was having a miner loss but after using this i had sever that u people can't imagine. Even combing showering. Is getting worse due😡 to scared i dont combe now😭😭😭😭😭😭


Это лучшее средство!а запах бомба просто!!!


Great product. I have oily and thin hair (long bob). With this product I got 3 benefites: 1. After aplying Nivea styling primer, my hair is straight, without twisting at the ends. I am not styling my hair, just blow drying, and looks good. 2. I have more volume. 3. My hair is less greasy. Befor i washed my hair every second day, now it is every 3rd. This is great improvement for me :)


It was a blind purchase and the only thing that was good about it was that it was cheap. Absolutely indistinct scent for the age of 50+ which disappears after about 20 minutes. It has nothing to do with the word perfume, which is perhaps a good thing. I'm not even sure if I will use it as an air freshener, it really doesn't smell nice.


This does not even last half an hour.