Bentley Infinite Intense violet perfumes
Bentley Infinite Intense violet perfumes
Bentley Infinite Intense violet perfumes

Bentley Infinite Intense

Eau de parfum for men

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xBentley Infinite Intense violet perfumes

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This is the most wonderful fragrance my husband ever had, he said.However, this morning, unfortunately, he unfortunately grabbed a bottle of perfume by the cork and it remained in his hand, and the bentley spattered tiny on the tiles.Only once in the evening he splashed a little, all night he could get up as soon as possible and apply the right dose of wonderful, fragrant water on his neck, and here bach ....... He is now sitting on the couch and sobbing. Obviously, I have already ordered him two bottles, a loving wife, and for friendly service store let me give you the order number (326679483), so that they help me to soothe my husband's wounds and to add some good heart fragrant :-) Best regards to the whole store team, ordering products from you is not a huge satisfaction, joy and satisfaction. Anteta Wiśniewska.

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The husband is happy with the smell, although it is not very durable.


It is an extremely intense, very aromatic fragrance. Smell incense and tobacco. Will work in autumn and winter and rather more evening. He leaves a large tail behind, strongly felt by the surroundings. For fans of intense fragrances.


A super masculine fragrance.




the smell suits my husband and I like it even more.


Incredibly masculine fragrance :)


Below a comment on the statement of mother-in-law "what is so camphor here" is in a sense correct. The perfume actually resembles "tiger ointment" at first, but after a few minutes it develops in quite an interesting direction. To sum up - I recommend, 9/10.


Gift hit, masculine, self-confident definitely yes.


The first Bentley at the suggestion of the college. A nice surprise, a dignified and original fragrance, although the mother-in-law said what camphor smells like here 🙂. I recommend men over 40


Intense and quite persistent scent, but '' intense for man '' is much nicer, of course for me. Overall it's nice, I think it suits older people 45. A matter of taste, but my feelings.


Bentley Is a relatively young perfume brand inspired by the beauty and luxury of the legendary Bentley cars . The first Bentley Perfumes were created in 2013 and were immediately successful, and not just among car fans!
Bentley fragrances Are full of freshness and oriental spices that strengthen their dynamics and extraordinary elegance. The Bentley Fragrance will give you confidence and a feeling of real excitement.
In addition to the unique aroma, Bentley Perfumes stand out with their design with clean, elegant lines corresponding to legendary cars Bentley . Try the real luxury of the unadulterated world of cars with Bentley perfumes !

Bentley infinite intense eau de parfum is a clearly masculine fragrance that will give you confidence at any time of the day.

Heart - nutmeg, amber, benzoin, spices, elemi
Head - black pepper, violet, lavender
Fragrance groups - aromatic, spicy
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Horrible shampoo and it my hair like a broomstick. Very expensive and plz don't buy this shampoo


Absolutely love this product. I have very sensitive skin, but I have not experienced any break outs. It smooths, lightens and covers my blemishes. Love, love, love it :-)