Jeanne en Provence Jasmin Secret body
Jeanne en Provence Jasmin Secret body

Jeanne en Provence Jasmin Secret

Body milk with shea butter

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xJeanne en Provence Jasmin Secret body

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French natural cosmetics and perfumes jeanne en provence conceal the unique atmosphere of the flourishing mountain meadows of south-eastern france. The production of luxury jeanne en provence products is carried out by a family company from the town of grasse, which is considered the capital of perfumes.

It was this tradition that the founder of the brand Bernard Perrin referred to in 1978, who decided to offer customers perfected perfumes made from ingredients typical of Provence. In 2012, his son decided to expand the range of Jeanne en Provence brand with the highest quality cosmetics, using the action of pure essential oils and plants from around Grasse.

Jeanne en Provence natural cosmetics will provide your skin with the best care and a beautiful fragrance. At present, the Jeanne en Provence brand is present in over 40 countries around the world and its popularity is still growing.

Jeanne en provence jasmin secret body cream cares for the skin, providing it with the necessary nourishment and long-lasting hydration.


How to use:
Apply the preparation on clean skin and massage gently until completely absorbed. Use when needed.

Skin type - for all skin types
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Имате ли от този продукт


Just received my Jenny glow Bluebell perfume . It is just the most refreshing smell that I have used for a long time . Would highly recommend it . Looking to try to purchase shower gel & body lotion . Luv it .


Sal send me contact number


This was a gift that I waited a while to burn...would love to have ten (10) of them!! Clean burn, fantastic scent. Looking for a source to buy more!!