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Skin regeneration after winter or how to prepare the body for spring

The appearance of the skin after winter is not satisfactory? There are many reasons for the poor condition of the skin after winter. A large temperature difference between the air outside and in heated rooms, warm and thick clothes or, finally, errors in care - this weakens the skin's natural defenses, damages its lipid barrier and dries out. Dry skin loses its glow and elasticity, it becomes flaccid.

Christmas crown nails How to remove or make a hybrid

How to make nails yourself at home? How to remove a hybrid or titanium from a plate without damaging it? Or maybe there are some home remedies to nourish your nails after taking care of them yourself? Now the beauty salons are closed, so we are on our own.

Microdosing the 13 dot technique Are you following the new skincare trend

It is worth remembering this slogan: microdosing, i.e. better less than more, is a new trend in skin care. Its creators argue that care in almost homeopathic doses will provide better results than applying solid portions of the cosmetic to the face or body. Why? And what is the 13 dot technique?

How to take care of your feet a practical foot care guide

How to take care of your feet? After all, they are particularly vulnerable to injury and irritation, because it is on them that we base the greatest burden. Most often, we only care about the appearance of the nails, and we forget about proper hydration, tearing off dead skin and preventing blisters and calluses. Once you feel your feet feel and look bad, enter a quick recovery program. Check how to take care of your feet.

Magnetic eyelashes Is it worth it How to put on and take off magnetic eyelashes

Magnetic eyelashes can be easily purchased at most drugstores and put on without the help of a professional. They are cheap, application does not require glue, all you need is a free moment and nimble fingers. But magnetic eyelashes also have disadvantages. Is it worth buying them and are they better than false eyelashes worn at a beautician? How to put on magnetic eyelashes and how to remove them correctly?

Types of beauty spring summer fall winter check who you are

Types of beauty: spring, summer, autumn, winter - this division makes it easier for every woman to choose the right make-up and clothing for her - each type of beauty has specific colors assigned to it, in which a given person looks best. So get to know the exact characteristics of the beauty types broken down by season and check which type you are in our quiz!

Hair pills what ingredients should they contain

Hair pills can be helpful in hair care. It is worth remembering that the health and condition of our hair is influenced by many factors, only some of which depend on external care. Shampoos, conditioners and masks will properly affect our hair only if the functioning of our body properly regulates its growth and durability. Falling out, dry hair may be a symptom of significant vitamin or mineral deficiencies, which hair pills help to replenish.

Take care of your skin before the holidays

Sun exposure does not help keep your skin in good condition. If we add to it the lack of adequate hydration during hot weather - the problem is ready. We want to show some body, but looking at our skin, we want to wrap ourselves in a blanket ... What to do to have beautiful skin?

Corns an embarrassing ailment Home remedies for corns

Corns are not only an aesthetic problem. If left untreated, they cause unnecessary pain and sometimes cause inflammation. Usually, the cause of corns is uncomfortable shoes - too tight or too loose. Read on or listen to how to prevent fingerprints and what to do if you already have them.

How to prepare for tanning

Proper preparation for tanning will not only accelerate it, but also avoid burns and skin irritation. If you want a healthy, slightly sun-kissed complexion in summer, start right away. Then the beautiful, light brown tan will stay on the skin for a long time.